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Latest Updates on Yemen 25 May 2018; Situation of Fronts
Middle East, News, Yemen 27 May 2018

“Images: The bombing of Saada (left) and the south of the Hudaydah (right) and the targeting of innocent people while working in the gardens”

1- Semi-siege of Kadhah in Taiz.

After the fall of the Wadi al-Jasser area in the southeast of the Maqbina and west of Habashi mountain, al-Kadhah is about to besieged.


2. Heavy air strikes of the Saudi coalition on Tuhayta in southern al-Hudaydah.

At the moment the Maghris area is disputed area between two side and Saudi-coalition media claim that they have captured it.


3- Firing a Badr-1 missile to a military garrison in Najran.


4- The Saudi-led coalition advances in Haradh front in Hajjah governorate after the capture of the heights of Abu al-Nar and al-Shabakah, has been fixed.

But due to the control of Ansarallah on the mountains of Marran and Wadi Harz, the continuation of the coalition’s progress will be harder.


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