Latest Updates on Yemen 21 September 2018; In the Way of Imam Hussain
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Ashura Day in Sanaa and Saada



1. Al Hudaydah:
– Saudi Coalition intensified the attacks to Nana square (16 km) by attacking southern front (southern road toward Taiz) and northern front of the square.
– Qasif-1 drone attack to Saudi Coalition forces gathering point in western shore.
– Saudi Coalition retreated from south of Durayhimi due to AnsarAllah attacks and siege of Durayhimi is broken again.


2. AnsarAllah’s agreement with UN
– Agreement shows that wounded and sick people are transported by UN’s planes.


3. Badr-1 missile fired toward Saudi base in Jizan.
– Saudi Coalition reported to intercept the missile.


4. Summary of “Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi” speech, leader of AnsarAllah in Ashura day:
– ” Imam Hussain rescued Islam with his purity, dignity and sincerity during the generations.
We emphasize that our strength is in our stands and are consisting of important principles, the primary of is Palestine and Palestinian’s right of freedom. We support moghawemat and free nations in fight against US oppression and Israel enmity and we claim unity with Bahrain people.
We emphasize on our resistance facing USA, Saudi and Emirates. Enemy cannot forces us to surrender by commiting crime and masacare.
I invite free people to seriously move to fronts and participate in western coast war.
The problem between us and the Saudi Alliance is our dignity and freedom.
We strive very hard to make divine victory happen.”


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