Latest Updates on Yemen 10 October 2018; Ansarallah Drone and Naval Attacks
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The above image relates to the martyr Isa Ali al ‘Akadeh, the brave warrior of Ansarallah, whose courage and the courage of his companion in the battles of Nate’, in alBaydha, received much media attentions.

He was martyred in the battles of the last day.


1- Hudaydah

Ansarallah drone attack to Saudi-led Coalition forces in ‘Anbarah military base in western coast.

The artillery attacks of Ansarallah on gathering of Saudi Coalition forces in vicinity of Durayhimi after UAVs reconnaissance operation.


Clashes in south of Hudaydah


2- Ansarallah Attack at a military boat of Saudi Coalition in Midi’s shore.

The boat was destroyed and Ansarallah claimed that all personnel of this boat were killed.


3- Hajjah

Shot down of 2 drones belong to Saudi Coalition in Shabakah al Nar.

In recent days, the Saudi Coalition attacks to south of Nar mountain have been repelled by Ansarallah.

The Saudi goal in this axis is the encirclement of Haradh.


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