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If we take a look at the evolutions of Yemen from Spring (March), we see Saudi Coalition is following three goals:
1. In west coast of Yemen (north of Hajjah and south of al Hudaydah)
2. East of Sanaa until south of Baydha
3. East, north and west of Sa’adah (axes such as Taiz and Jawf and we will address the details of the battlefield in this axis)


In summary, Saudi Coalition (with leadership of Saudi Arabia and UAE) want their benefits and opposing Iran influence, i.e., AnsarAllah movement.

To achieve it, occupying Sanaa and Sa’adah is considered the end of Iran influence in Yemen and a secure region according to their standards and supporting Mansoor Hadi and his forces are a mean to help with it.

Emirates seeks their benefits through supporting Southerners.

Other elements such as al Qaeda, ISIS and Saleh fans are useful for the Saudi Coalition as long as they fight with AnsarAllah.


As mentioned before the goal of west coast battle is to cut AnsarAllah’s access to sea with two main axes:
1. South of al Hudaydah
2. North of Hajjah


1. South of al Hudaydah axis: (Purple arrow)
Al Hudaydah operation was started by leadership of Emirates in west coast using three streams (militia following Tariq Saleh, Southern and local forces) which was defeated by AnsarAllah by opening numerous fronts along coastal strip and dummy attacks to drain their energy.

After that Saudi using Mansoor Hadi’s forces in addition to current forces continued the operation with more strength.

Occupying Bab al Mandeb-Zobab-Mocha-Khukha-Hays; was paved in a slow pace operation by Saudi Coalition and “Fazah-Majilis-Tuhayta” and some other points are added to the list.
(We explained al Hudaydah operation aspect by Saudi Coalition also in this article:
Discussion on Aspects of the Saudi Coalition Operation in al-Hudaydah).

2. North of Hajjah axis: (Red arrow)

In north of Hajjah, after fall of Midi and Hayran and northern borders, Haradh is almost under siege and Saudi Coalition arrow of attacks pointing Abas.

According to the goal of cutting AnsarAllah’s access to sea, the Coalition forces are going to in three directions after occupying Midi and Hayran:

1. To Haradh, 2. To Abas and then Ma’ras and then Zaydiyah and Zahra. 3. To Lahiya and then in coastal strip and finally reaching al Hudaydah.



The joining point of the two operations is al Hudaydah city and the outcome is to cut AnsarAllah’s access to sea, thus AnsarAllah will resist with its highest power.

Saudi Coalition attack from north which is Hajjah can shake AnsarAllah’s defense in al Hudaydah for several reasons and on the other side, AnsarAllah is trying to make the war longer and by using heat defense is trying to drain the Coalition budget and power, which is supported by US and Israel design and Emirates and Saudi money and company of hired governments.


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