Video | ISIS Report about Four Days of Advance in Susah and Baghuz Regions
gallery, Media, Middle East, News, Syria, Video 30 October 2018

Islamic World News Analysis Group: ISIS terrorists released a report about their achievements in the last four days in fighting against SDF.

During the last week due to bad weather and ground of US Coalition fighters, it was a good opportunity for ISIS to counterattack widely and in addition to imposing high casualties to SDF, reoccupy all the land SDF reclaimed during several weeks of operation in oy four days.


Those who have military knowledge, confirm that occupying Susah village or villages in Baghuz region with their terrain and military formation, is not difficult even for a small army.

It is very obvious that US is lingering in finishing ISIS in eastern side of Euphrates River to use the presence of ISIS as an excuse to stay in Syrian soil.


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