Latest Updates on Yemen 13 November 2018; Latest Updates on al Hudaydah Battle and Other Areas
Map, Middle East, News, Yemen 13 November 2018

Al Hudaydah:
The situation is unchanged in the city and the map of Hudaydah is still same as before.
There are sporadical engagements near al Hudaydah university, coastal guard base, 7th July neighborhood and Saleh housing.

Saudi Coalition troops trying to reach al Hudaydah harbor by going over 50 street. Yesterday Saudi Coalition released a video that by zooming in it, we confirmed that our maps are accurate and Coalition forces are halted around 90 street.


Most of engagements in Damt and Juban districts. Recently AnsarAllah forces stopped Coalition advances in this axis by heavy counterattacks and in addition to saving Damt and Juban reclaiming some areas.


Coalition forces are advancing slowly in Kitaf axis and during the last two days could occupy some heights in this axis.
Upon stabilization of positions, map will be updated.


A census on Saudi Coalition casualties:
Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson Yahya Sari’ said that from beginning of November so far in all fronts in Yemen 876 forces of Coalition are killed and 2150 injured and 311 vehicles destroyed.


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