Latest Updates on Yemen 26 November 2018; AnsarAllah Missile Answer to Saudi Coalition Bombing + Map of Damt and Al Kadhah
Map, Middle East, News, Yemen 26 November 2018

1. Firing a missile Badr-1P to Alab passage at the border of Jizan.


2. Firing a missile Badr-1P to Mansoor Hadi’s forces base in Nihm region.


3. AnsarAllah Qasif-1 drone attack to Mas base in Marib.


4. Al Hudaydah:
– AnsarAllah and people’s forces attacking Saudi Coalition position in south and southeast of Hays.
– Bombing Al Sharaf village in south of 16 km and Al Sulah and Al Koe’i villages in east of Durayhimi by Saudi Coalition.
– Sporadical engagements in Al Jah area between AnsarAllah and Saudi Coalition; AnsarAllah claiming some points to be clear.


5. Dhale’:
Engagements between AnsarAllah and Saudi Coalition in Damt axis.

Saudi Coalition sent more troops and equipment to the area.


5. Taiz:
Saudi Coalition operation in AL Kadhah axis has intensified from yesterday and they claim to capture Rahnaj mountain.

It is not confirmed yet by ISWNews.


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