Latest Updates on Afghanistan 1 December 2018; Ghazni Province Officials: Jaghuri and Malestan Are Safe Now

1. UN confirmed civilians death in Helmand by US airstrike after 48 hours.
UN with a lot of delays stated that due to US airstrike to Garmsir in south of Helmand province 23 civilians including 10 children and 8 women killed and injured.
These crimes are done by foreigners while Afghan justice system cannot hold a trial for them due to Americans judicial immunity. An immunity which is humiliating and does not comply with human right.


2. A census of US firework over Afghanistan in 2018 according to US Airforce Commandment

From beginning of 2018 until the end of October, USAF used 5982 different weapons to bomb Afghanistan and fighters performed 6600 sorties of flights.


3. Farah:
According to local sources more than 80% of Farah land is occupied by Taliban. Shah Mahmoud Na’imi deputy of province parliament stated that efforts of Afghan security forces to provide security has not been fruitful.


4. Iranian embassy in Kabul: American accusations against Iran are to hurt Kabul-Tehran relation.
Brian Hook, US special representative in Iran’s sanction affairs in a speech proclaimed that Tehran is supporting Taliban.
Embassy of Islamic Republic of Iran in a statement to answer the accusations: The stand of US representative about unlawful sanctions on Iran targeting Iran’s weapon support of Taliban which is done to cover US reckless and opaque behavior in Afghanistan, is an effort to deviate public opinion and interrupt the friendly relationship between Islamic Republic of Iran and Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and Iran declines these evidence less and unreal claims and considers them along with US Iranophobia policy in the region.


5. Badakhshan:
Afghan Army operation in Badakhshan province, caused one commander and 17 Taliban members to be killed.
Afghan Ministry of Defense stated that due to Afghan security forces operations in different points of Afghanistan in the last 24 hours, 57 Taliban members are killed and 13 are injured.


6. Nangarhar:
Four ISIS member are killed due to US UCAV attack to Khogiyani and Pachiragam cities in Nangarhar province.


7. Security returned to Malestan and Jaghuri
Ghazni province officials in a statement announced that security is returned to Malestan and Jaghuri and those who left due to war and insecurity, can return to their homes now.

In the last week, security officials reported to establish 30 security checkpoints in Malestan and Jaghuri to secure the region.


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