Latest Updates on Yemen 4th December 2018; Did Ansar Allah Kill US Navy Admiral in Western Asia?
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1. Al Hudaydah:
– Sporadical engagements in south of al Hudaydah.
– AnsarAllah joint drone-artillery operation against Coalition gathering point near Nana square.


2. Ansar Allah delegation heads to Sweden talks.
This flight was performed by Kuwaiti airlines with UN emissary Martin Griffiths, Kuwaiti and Swedish ambassadors on board.


3. According to Yemeni military sources, Scott Stearney, USN admiral in Western Asia was killed due to Ansar Allah missile attack in a front, most likely recent missile attack to Najran or Jizan.
US media reported he was found dead in his residence in Bahrain on Saturday.
Since most of Ansar Allah missile attacks are done using Badr P-1 missiles which are very accurate, it is not unlikely Admiral Stearney was killed in an attack, unless his presence in Coalition base is rejected using evidences. Ansar Allah recent attack which resulted in destruction of several Apache helicopters as well was done using Badr P-1 missiles and Coalition media did not report any evidence of Intercepting it.


4. Saada:
Reclaiming Mazhar village in south of Alab by AnsarAllah and people’s committee.


5. Saudi Coalition confirmed death of 53 and injury of Saudi Army by Ansar Allah.


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