Latest Updates on Yemen 16th December 2018; Frontlines Situation
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1. Cease-fire to start on 18th December in Yemen.
UN announced that Yemen Cease-fire starts in two days.

It is noteworthy that Cease-fire was agreed on in Sweden negotiations but Saudi Coalition operations against Ansar Allah in different fronts and also bombing in al Hudaydah city and province during the negotiations.
The official start time for Cease-fire is on Tuesday and Saudi Coalition has intensified his attacks in the remaining time to maybe achieve something.
According to local sources, Saudi Coalition brought more forces and equipment to al Hudaydah province and still continue.
We need to wait to see if Saudi respects the Cease-fire or no.


2. Al Hudaydah:
During the past 24 hours different parts of al Hudaydah province were attacked 7 times by Saudi Coalition fighters and 50 times by artillery.


3. Sanaa:
– During recent days engagements have increased in Nihm front; today Saudi Coalition attacks have been defeated around Salta mount, Hawl village and Qarn mount by AnsarAllah.
– AnsarAllah targeted Saudi Coalition position in Nihm front with two Badr P-1 missiles.


4. Yemeni Armed Force spokesperson:
– Five civilians martyred in al Hudaydah due to Saudi Coalition airstrikes.
– 23 civilians martyred in different provinces in Saudi Coalition airstrikes.
– Equipment and troops deployment to western coast and Nihm front by Saudi Coalition still continuinging.


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