Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 10 January 2019; US-Taliban Negotiation Canceled in Qatar

1. Kunar:
Taliban engagements with ISIS in Kunar province.
According to local officials expressions, from four days ago, Taliban is fighting with ISIS in Darah Pich district.
ISIS presents in several points of Nur Gol, Darah Pich and Choki districts.


2. Balkh:
Martyrdom of 13 local police and people forces in Taliban attack to a village in Chahar Bulak town Balkh province.


3. Badghis:
According to Badghis Governorate Spokesperson, due to last night battles between security forces and Taliban in city center of Ab Kamari, ten members of Taliban were killed.
Also six security forces lost their lives and ten including Badghis governorate wounded.


4. Baghlan:
Due to Taliban attack to several watch posts in Pole Khumri area at least ten security forces were killed. Taliban spokesperson expressed casualties of security forces as 20.


5. Taliban cancelled negotiation with USA in Qatar
Negotiations were supposed to be held on Wednesday 9 January in Doha Qatar, were cancelled by Taliban; the reason was announced as no agreement was reached on framework.


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