Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 18 January 2019

1. Balkh:
According to official sources, during “Walid 34” operation in Chamtal, Balkh province 18 Taliban members were killed.


2. Ghazni:
Latest news broadcast from Jaghuri and Malestan are showing lack of equipment for the Army and local forces due to not sent.
Etemadi, member of Parliament from Ghazni stated that necessary equipment were not sent for the Army and local forces and also all the road to Jaghuri and Malestan were closed by Taliban.


3. Badakhshan:
Due to Taliban attack to a security post in Baharak, Badakhshan province one police force is martyred and two wounded.


4. Faryab:
Taliban attack to the Army equipment convoy in Shirin Tagap, Faryab province.


5. USA Special Emissary meets with Pakistani Minister of Foreign Affairs
Zalmay Khalilzad, US Emissary meets with Shah Mehmood Quresh, Pakistani FM in Islam Abad to talk about peace in Afghanistan.


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