Middle East
Summary of Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi, AnsarAllah Leader’s speech, in the Day of Martyr
Middle East, News, Yemen 26 January 2019

– Enemy wants people to be on their side or surrounded which is wrong and against Allah’s teachings.


– Those who surround to enemy and encourage others to do so, are adding one more shame to their previous shames.


– Islamic Moghawemat and Yemeni Armed Force stance is immortal in history and will be a relic for next generation.


– Yemeni Armed Force capabilities in sea, air and ground are all expanding and strengthening.


– Israel is part of most of attacks against Yemen.


– Enemy tried to face the people with financial crisis to break their determination but didn’t succeed.


– Saudi-Emirates coalition are doing their best in war against Yemen. Since they failed in their goal which was occupying Yemen and now they are depressed and disappointed.


– Yemen National Rescue Government is ready for a dignified peace and it was proved in Sweden and previous negotiations.


– Saudi Regime is so stain in its dignity that everyone considers them as “criminal” and “tyrant”.


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