Latest Updates on Yemen, 14 February 2019; Bombing Yemeni Fishermen by Saudi Coalition
Breaking, Middle East, News, Yemen 15 February 2019

1. Ansar Allah’s joint artillery-drone operation in attacking Saudi Coalition forces gathering location in Qays mount, Jizan border and north of Saadah.


2. Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson:
– Saudi Coalition warplanes committed a new crime by attacking Bodhi’ island (al Hudaydah shore) and killed eight of Yemeni fishermen and wounded five others.


3. US Congress passed a bill which requests US to cut its support of Saudi Coalition in war against Yemen with 248 positive and 177 negative votes.
In this resolution, the Congress demands US Administration to end its interference in war against Yemen.


4. Jawf
Ansar Allah’s operation against Saudi Coalition and Mansoor Hadi forces in Zarqa area (Maslub district) and Jarshab.


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