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Latest Updates on Gaza
Middle East, News, Palestine 17 March 2019

– Two nights ago, missile alarm siren went off in Tel Aviv.
– Immediately after that three explosion from around Tel Aviv were heard.
– Egyptian security representatives who visited Gaza to mediate between Hamas and Israel, left it immediately.
– Security forces in Gaza left the buildings and went on stand by.
– A rumor spread that Islamic Jihad Movement has taken responsibility of the attack but the Movement and other Moghawemat groups rejected any relation with the attacks.
– In retaliation to the missile attack to Tel Aviv, Israeli helicopters attacked Gaza coast several times.
– The situation was under the influence of possible vast attack to Gaza in the form of sporadical fire exchange but at 8 am local time with mediation of Egypt, ceasefire was held.
– Friday afternoon, Zionist Army stated that their investigation shows it was a mistake missile fire.
– Considering that and also Hamas’ claim that they were having meeting with security officers from Egypt during the attack, it supports the proclaim of mistake attack.
– In conclusions, considering Gaza’s catastrophic condition and negotiations going on to improve the condition and lifting the economic sanction and on the other hand, Israeli parliament voting is near and in case of military attack, Zionist will be defeated indeed, both sides are convinced to not start a new war. We should wait and see how both sides react and how convincing are these reasons?!


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