Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 22 March 2019

1. Kabul:
According to Afghanistan officials, Afghanistan presidential election which was supposed to be held on 20 July 2020 is postponed again to 27 September 2019 this time.


2. Badghis:
Afghanistan Defence Ministry stated that due to Taliban’s heavy attacks to Bala Morghab town, Badghis province, more than 50 army soldiers are captured by Taliban. Also 58 soldiers sought refugee with Turkmenistan due to engagement with Taliban and lack of reinforcement. Engagements are still continuinging in the area and Bala Morghab is under threat of fall.


3. Sare Pol:
Taliban’s slow but continuous advances in Sare Pol province. At the moment engagements are near Sangcharak and Shiite area of Masjed Sabz.
According to news from the area, anyone who critiques Taliban or collaborates with the government will be executed.


4. Faryab:
About 300 of security forces are under siege in city center of Shirin Tagab by Taliban and commanders of 209th Division “Hawk”, which are responsible for northern part of Afghanistan, do not care about them and no reinforcement were dispatched.


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