06 July 2019
Fayez al Sarraj, the prime minister of the GNA met with Erdogan in Istanbul.

According to GNA media, both leaders discussed the latest developments in Libya, in addition to other regional issues.

02 July 2019
UAE denied Emirates weapons left in Gharyan.

A few days ago GNA forces repelled LNA forces led by Gen. Haftar from Gharyan town, south of Tripoli.

01 July 2019
Will Turkey be Involved More in Libya’s War?

ISWNews Analysis Group: Tensions rises after Turkey’s threats and six Turkish citizens were arrested in Libya by Haftar’s forces.

30 June 2019
The Identities of Turkish Military Team in Tripoli Revealed!

The website AlMarsad revealed the identity of Turkey Army drone team which is working in Tripoli according to information obtained from a senior Libyan Army security official(Haftar’s forces).

29 June 2019
Image: UAE-Made Drones in Gharyan

Image of some parts of the UAE-made Yabhon drone which captured by the GNA forces in Gharyan.

29 June 2019
Images: Javelin Missiles in LNA’s Hands

After the capture of Gharyan by the Government of National Accord forces and the retreat of LNA forces, GNA discovered a large amount of military equipment in the city.

29 June 2019
LNA Strikes Gharyan, Libya

Last night LNA warplanes targeted Gharyan area several times.

27 June 2019
GNA Captured Gharyan and Qawasem + Southern Tripoli Map

ISWNews Analysis Group: GNA forces after a series of operations could reclaim towns Gharyan and Qawasem from LNA control.

23 June 2019
Severe Clashes Around Tripoli Airport, Libya

ISWNews Analysis Group: Mohammad Qanunu the spokesman of the GNA forces said the warplanes of the GNA bombarded the Libyan National Army position 7 times.

23 June 2019
A Coup in Africa; This Time in Ethiopia

ISWNews Analysis Group: The chief of staff of the Ethiopian army and also Amhara region governor have been shot dead during a coup by some army forces of this country.

22 June 2019
GNA’s four-engined cargo aircraft destroyed!

Pro-LNA forces shelled Mitiga Airport in Tripoli city and due to this attacks the GNA’s only four-engined cargo aircraft – Antonov AN-124 RUSLAN – was destroyed.

17 June 2019
Mohamed Morsi dies in court!

According to Egyptian Government TV, Mohamed Morsi, Removed President of Egypt Died in the Court.