06 April 2019
Libya National Army Captured Tripoli Airport

ISWNews Analysis Group: Tripoli airport, Qasr ibn Ghashir and Swani in south of Tripoli were captured by Libya National Army led by General Haftar.

06 April 2019
Latest Updates on Libya, 6 April 2019; Battle of Tripoli Started

ISWNews Analysis Group: In despite of UN General Secretary efforts and different countries statements, Libya National Army operation to occupy the capital is continuing and engagements reached suburbs of the city.

05 April 2019
Latest Updates on Libya 4 April 2019; LNA’s Operation to Occupy the Capital

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Libya National Army’s operation (led by General Haftar) in western and northwestern part of the country is continuinging and Thursday evening, General Haftar ordered its forces to march to Tripoli.

10 March 2019
Libya’s Army Advances in Southwest of the Country

Libya’s Army under command of General Khalifah Haftar advances again and captured Qatrun and surrounding villages such as Al Bakhi and Madrusah.

02 March 2019
Libya National Army Advance in Southwest of Libya + Map

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Following Libya National Army operation under commanding of General Haftar in southwest of Libya captured towns Traghen, Zaytuna, Fanqul, Uwaynat and important border city of Ghat.

14 February 2019
No-fly zone in southern Libya

Libyan Air Force announced that landing at & takeoff from airports and airstrips in southern Libya is forbidden unless Authorized by LAF ops room.

08 February 2019
Libyan National Army Advances Reclaiming Al Shararah Oilfield, 8 February 2019

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Libyan National Army under command of General Haftar reclaimed Obari, Al Shararah oilfield and Morzuq area in southwest of Libya.

05 February 2019
Haftar Forces Rule over Sabha in Western Libya + Libya Military Map

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Following the Government of National Accord forces retreat, Libyan National Army forces (Al Karamah), who follow General Haftar, took full control of Sabha in western half of Libya.

02 February 2019
Boko Haram Deadly Attack on Rann

According to Amnesty International, at least 60 people were killed in a “devastating” attack on the northeastern Nigeria border town of Rann by Boko Haram. The attack took place on January 28.

28 January 2019
Libya’s interactive map was designed!
28 January 2019
Reviewing Changes and Currents Involved in Libya – Part two + Latest Military Situation Map in Libya

The second review of changes and currents involved in Libya, addressed the issues in a more detailed manner, to make you have a brighter view of the last state of this country.

27 January 2019
FreeZakzaky Protests

Peaceful FreeZakzaky protest held today at Katsina State; 1000’s called for the freedom of Sheikh Zakzaky and
his wife.