15 October 2018
Syria and Jordan Reopen Border Crossing

According to the agreement between the Syrian and the Jordanian government, after several years the Nassib border crossing in southern Syria has reopened for the transit of the necessary goods and products.

14 October 2018
Hayat Tahrir al Sham Accept the Sochi Deal and DMZ in Idlib

Eventually, Tahrir al Sham, by releasing a statement, implicitly accepted the “Demilitarized Zone” agreement in the province of Idlib, and stated that he would not do anything to sabotage it.

07 October 2018
The fall of Seyyed Abad on the 17th anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan.

Seventeen years ago, on this day, the United States began its attack on the Taliban, and today, just on the same day “Maydan Wardak” fell into the hands of the Taliban…

07 October 2018
Netanyahu’s Scramble!

Israeli Prime Minister said on Sunday he will meet Putin soon to discuss continued security coordination over Syria.

07 October 2018
“National Front for Liberation” Has Started Evacuating Heavy Arms from Demilitarized Zone.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: From Saturday afternoon, the largest militants group in northwest of Syria has started to evacuate heavy arms from Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) in Idlib according to the agreement between Russia and Turkey.

02 October 2018
IRGC Releases Images of Missile Operation “Muharram Strike” against ISIS Headquarters in Syria

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The IRGC Aerospace Division published the first images of the places where the missiles hit the ISIS terrorist headquarters in eastern Euphrates in Syria.

02 October 2018
Saudi-led Coalition Has Announced the Beginning of a Major Campaign to Capture Husseiniyah & Beit Faqih.

The coalition urged the people of these areas not to cooperate with Ansarallah or popular committees.

30 September 2018
Faylaq Al-Sham denies its withdrawal from the Idlib buffer zone.
30 September 2018
Targeting the Saudi military ship in Jizan coast by Ansarallah Navy
30 September 2018
Ansarallah Samad-3 drone attack on Dubai airport for the 3rd time

This attack is the third Ansarallah drone attack on Dubai airport and UAE has denied this attacks so far, but flight delays are reported every time.

18 September 2018
Israeli attacks to Lattakia and Syrian Air Defense Forces Downs Russian IL-20 by Mistake

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Last night Israeli warplanes bombarded some military facilities in Lattakia but the Syrian Air Defense systems targeted Russian IL-20 by mistake.

17 September 2018
Transporting Canisters of Chlorine Gas to Village Bsanqol in Idlib Province by Militants

Islamic World News Analysis Group: In accordance with western media campaign against Syria and to fabricate the scenery of chemical attack in Idlib province, Militants are distributing chemical materials to different places in Idlib.