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19 July 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 19 July 2019
16 July 2019
Pictures of weapons which are captured by ISIS from Taliban in Nangarhar; Afghanistan

ISIS is a serious problem in Afghanistan which worries the people of this country and also the neighbors more and more everyday.

11 July 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan 10 July 2019

Latest news from Daykundi, Ghor, Herat, Paktia, Zabul frontlines and Taliban terrorist attack on Ghazni

07 July 2019
Explosion in Ghazni Killed 12

At least 12 people were killed and 179 others were wounded in a terrorist attack near the National Directorate of Security office in Ghazni.

07 July 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan 6 July 2019

Latest news about the escalation of Taliban’s attacks, and targeting Shia populated regions

06 July 2019
Head of Shia Ulema Council Of Kunduz Killed By Taliban

ISWNews Analysis Group: Abdul Qayyum Ansari the head of Shia Ulema Council of Kunduz province and one of cultural activists in northeastern of Afghanistan has been killed by forces which are imputed to Taliban.

01 July 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 1 July 2019

Afghanistan in the Past Week, Summary of Important News

11 June 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan 10 June 2019

Latest news from Afghanistan fronts and attacks to Pakistan Army.

11 June 2019
ISIS in Kashmir!

Today in a gunfight between Indian Army and ISIS in Shopian, two ISIS elements were killed.

04 June 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 4 June 2019

Kabul blood days, latest news from Sare pol, Ghazni and Badghis.

02 June 2019
Video | The humiliating behavior of Pakistan’s prime minister with Saudi King!

On the margin of Imran Khan’s arrival to Mecca Summit and his greets with Malak Salman, he, Imran Khan, after saying his words left Malak Salman with the translator in order to translate his words, and left the place of talks.

02 June 2019
Breaking | Three blasts hit Kabul, killing one and injuring 17

Three blasts hit Kabul and according to Afghan officials, a civilian was killed and 17 others wounded Sunday in three successive blasts in Kabul.