Central Asia & Pacific
05 March 2019
Kashmir, Near but Very Far!

In contemporary history, the borders between countries decided by colonizers were always based on increasing tensions between countries. We know this policy by “divide and rule”…

04 March 2019
Jammu and Kashmir Conflict Map
01 March 2019
Latest Updates on Pakistan and Afghanistan, 29 February 2019; War in Kashmir

India and Pakistan engagements in Kashmir and USA-Taliban negotiations

26 February 2019
Indian Fighters Attacking North of Pakistan

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Last night Indian Airforce fighters attacked Jaish Muhammad group positions in Balakut area Jammu and Kashmir-Pakistan border.

22 February 2019
Video | Taliban Ambush Against US Forces in Afghanistan
14 February 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 14 February 2019

ISIS enlisting officer arrest, US Defense Minister unexpected visiting Kabul, Taliban’s attacks intensified in Ghazni

09 February 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 9 February 2019; End of Moscow Summit

Latest news from Afghanistan and Moscow peace talks

09 February 2019
Joint Statement by Afghan Political Leaders and Taliban Representatives at the Moscow Summit

Delegates attending the peace talks in Moscow issued a joint Statement in which they outlined a nine point approach to promote “intra-Afghan” dialogue aimed at finding a political settlement for Afghanistan.

05 February 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 4 February 2019

Latest from Moscow summit, Ghazni, Balkh and Sare Pol.

31 January 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan 30 January 2019; US. Negotiations with Taliban and Peace Agreement in Afghanistan
26 January 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan, 26 January 2019

Ashraf Ghani,: 45 thousand security forces in the last four years have been killed in Afghanistan.

22 January 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan 22 January 2019

Latest news from Taliban’s attacks on Afghanistan Army in several areas of the country.