Central Asia & Pacific
20 November 2018
Big Explosion in Kabul Killed More Than 50 People

Today afternoon, more than 50 people were martyred at the Uranus Hotel in Kabul following a terrorist blast at the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday celebration.

16 November 2018
Afghanistan Evolutions in the Last Week; 16 November 2018
12 November 2018
Latest Updates on Afghanistan 11 November 2018; Fall of Malestan

Latest updates on critical situation of Ghazni and Urozgan

09 November 2018
Latest Updates on Afghanistan in the Last Week; 9 November 2018

Latest updates on Taliban attacks to Sarpol, Ghazni, Urzagan and Farah and situation of battlefields

03 November 2018
Latest Updates on Afghanistan 2 November 2018

Latest news from parliament election and recent Taliban attacks to Shia inhabited regions

25 October 2018
Azerbaijan Chief of General Staff Visits Israel

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Head of the Azerbaijan military, Col. Gen. Sadikhov, met at the IDF headquarters in Tel Aviv on Wednesday with his Israeli counterpart, Lt. Gen. Eizenkot.

20 October 2018
Martyrdom of General Abdul Raziq Achakzai and Its Influence on Future Evolutions in Afghanistan

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Lieutenant General Abdul Raziq Achakzai, commander of security forces of Qandhar and an influential officer and activist of Afghanistan was martyred by Taliban spies and infiltrated elements on October 18.

20 October 2018
Putin: Turkey Has Not Yet Implemented Agreements on Idlib

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Agreements on the demilitarized zone in Idlib have not been implemented by Turkey as of yet, but Russia is grateful to its Turkish partners for the work they are doing, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a plenary session of the Valdai Discussion Club on Thursday.

19 October 2018
Negotiations between USA and Taliban!

In recent days Zalmay Khalilzad, special consultant of USA in Afghanistan affairs, explained some issues regarding negotiations with Taliban, which are worthy of investigation after several months of negotiations.

12 October 2018
CSTO: More than 2500 ISIS Terrorists Moved from Syria to Afghanistan.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in a statement recently said that more than 2500 ISIS terrorists were transported to Afghanistan from Syria.

07 October 2018
The fall of Seyyed Abad on the 17th anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan.

Seventeen years ago, on this day, the United States began its attack on the Taliban, and today, just on the same day “Maydan Wardak” fell into the hands of the Taliban…

07 October 2018
Netanyahu’s Scramble!

Israeli Prime Minister said on Sunday he will meet Putin soon to discuss continued security coordination over Syria.