Military Situation In Eastern Hama On September 13, 2017
The north of Deir Ezzor will be under the SDF’s control !
Deir Ezzor Military Situation; Deir Ezzor-Damascus route liberated completely
Last Military Situation in Deir Ezzor City / Map
The latest military situation in central and eastern Syria after breaking the siege of Deir Ezzor
Kabajeb and Shola were liberated! The distance to Deir Ezzor reduced to 3 kilometers.
Comparative Map of Recent Month advances : Aug to Sep 2017
The Syrian army is advancing toward the city of Deir Ezzor , Just 18 km remained.
Uqayribat Liberated !
Just 30km to Deir Ezzor + Military Situation in Central and Eastern Syria
ISIS is completely expelled from common border of Lebanon and Syria
TalAfar Operation, Nineveh is on the verge of fully liberation