Moghawemat reach Abu Dhohur airbase; ISIS and rebels in siege
Turkey’s Afrin campaign; high risk of conflict in northwestern Syria; US establishes army entitled “Syrian Border Security Force”
Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Develops Counter-Attack Against Syrian Army In Southern Idlib
Great advances in Aleppo governorate; Khanaser-Arba’in Mount axis under fire and surrounded by Moghawemat
A glance at overall situation of fronts in southeastern Idlib, northern Hama and southern Aleppo; map
The Syrian army is heading towards Abu Zahir airport; only 6.5 kilometers to Abu Zahir
Syrian Army wide advance in Idlib governorate; 15 km to Abu Dhohur airbase.
Battle of “Military Vehicle Base” in Harasta ! ; eastern Ghutah of Damascus
4 new villages liberated by Syrian army in south of Idlib province
AbuOmar and Atshan in southern Idlib are liberated.
Syrian army advance in Idlib governorate
Latest news from Yemen; 23 December 2017