Libyan National Army Clashing With Armed Groups In Sabratha City
Hama Military Situation
Last Military Situation in Deir Ezzor, Syrian Army Crossed the Euphrates !
Government Troops Liberated 12 Villages East Of Salamiyah From ISIS Last Week (Map)
Military Situation In Eastern Hama On September 13, 2017
The north of Deir Ezzor will be under the SDF’s control !
Deir Ezzor Military Situation; Deir Ezzor-Damascus route liberated completely
Last Military Situation in Deir Ezzor City / Map
The latest military situation in central and eastern Syria after breaking the siege of Deir Ezzor
Kabajeb and Shola were liberated! The distance to Deir Ezzor reduced to 3 kilometers.
Comparative Map of Recent Month advances : Aug to Sep 2017
The Syrian army is advancing toward the city of Deir Ezzor , Just 18 km remained.