21 April 2019
Video | The Forgotten War in Yemen

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21 April 2019
Latest Updates on Afghanistan and Pakistan, 20 April 2019

Explosion in Kabul and engagement in Communication Ministry; Taliban cancels the second round of summit of Afghan groups in Doha

19 April 2019
Libya War Report: Haftar Forces Stalled South Of Tripoli. GNA Fighters Shot Down LNA Warplane
18 April 2019
Syrian War Report: Israel Strikes ‘Iranian Targets’ In Homs; Only Syrian Missile Launcher Found To Be Destroyed!
17 April 2019
ISIS Military Chief Killed in Hamrin Mountain + Photos

ISWNews Analysis Group: Salman Dawud, ISIS military chief and three others were killed in Hamrin mountains by Iraqi Forces.

16 April 2019
Yemen’s Ansar Allah Unveiled a New Advanced Ballistic Missile: Badr-F + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: Spokesman for the Armed Forces of Yemen on the first anniversary of death of Saleh Ali al–Sammad, chairman of the Ansar Allah, announced a new guided version of Ansar Allah ballistic missile, Badr-F.

16 April 2019
ISIS Attacks Fouqaha, Libya

ISIS media released photos of the recent attack in the town of al-Fougaha within the LNA-controlled area.

15 April 2019
Video | Yazidi Survivors Return to Sinjar and Tal Afar After Several Years

ISWNews Analysis Group: Hashd ash-Shaʿabi PMU forces have returned 20 more people from Sinjar and Tal Afar, who had been kidnapped by ISIS in recent years, from the newly liberated Syrian Baghuz province to Iraq.

14 April 2019
Latest Updates on Tripoli Battle, 14 April 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: Government of National Accord GNA forces recaptured Aziziyah and fourth brigade from Haftar forces.

13 April 2019
Syrian War Report: US And Israel Prepare For Coordinated Campaign Against Iranian Forces

US And Israel Prepare For Coordinated Campaign Against Iranian Forces

12 April 2019
Video | Vast Operation by Hashad Sha’abi and Iraqi Counter Terrorism Forces

ISWNews Analysis Group: Iraqi Counter Terrorism forces under command of Abdel-Wahab al-Saadi and in collaboration with Iraqi Airforce, started an operation to clear Hamrin mountains, southwest of Kirkuk.

11 April 2019
Breaking | Latest updates on Tripoli