19 October 2018
PMU Begins the Fourth Stage of Operation “Hizm al Abtal”

The fourth stage of Popular Mobilization Units(PMU) operation began from two axes in al-Sodur and Basatin areas with support of Iraqi warplanes to clear ISIS cells in Diyala province.

17 October 2018
ISIS in eastern Euphrates

Images of ISIS terrorists in eastern Euphrates in the Hajin area where clashes between ISIS and the Syrian Democratic forces continue.

16 October 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 16 October 2018; al Hudaydah and Sa’dah Situation

Latest Updates on frontlines in al Hudaydah and firing Bin Daghr by Mansoor Hadi

15 October 2018
Syria and Jordan Reopen Border Crossing

According to the agreement between the Syrian and the Jordanian government, after several years the Nassib border crossing in southern Syria has reopened for the transit of the necessary goods and products.

14 October 2018
Hayat Tahrir al Sham Accept the Sochi Deal and DMZ in Idlib

Eventually, Tahrir al Sham, by releasing a statement, implicitly accepted the “Demilitarized Zone” agreement in the province of Idlib, and stated that he would not do anything to sabotage it.

13 October 2018
Ansarallah Naval Mine

Ansarallah reveals the manufacture of naval mines named “Mersad”.

11 October 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 10 October 2018; Ansarallah Drone and Naval Attacks
10 October 2018
Turkey and US joint patrols in Manbij

On Oct 9 the Turkish and U.S. Forces began joint training on combined patrolling activities, which will be held in the region, as part of the Manbij Roadmap.

09 October 2018
Oil Exploitation in Yemen

Islamic World News Analysis Group: “Nukhbat al Shobwaniya” forces supported by Emirates after exiting Mansoor Hadi’s forces, took over military bases, “Baydha” harbor, “Ber Ali” and “Nashima” regions in Shabwa governorate.

08 October 2018
Evacuation of Heavy Weapons from DMZ in Northwest Syria

Following the official announcement by the spokesman of the “National Front for Liberation”, the group is pulling out its heavy weapons from the buffer zone agreed between Russia and Turkey to a depth of 20 km in Idlib.

08 October 2018
Map | North Hajjah Military Situation, Yemen 8 October 2018
08 October 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 7 October 2018; Insurgency in Sanaa

Defeating the conspiracy in Sanaa and the latest news from Hudaydah, Baydha and Hajjah forntlines