14 August 2018
Funeral for Bodies of Dhahyan Massacre Martyrs in Saada

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Monday morning funeral of martyrs of Dhahyan massacre ,which took place in Thursday last week by bombardments of Saudi fighter jets in Dhahyan Market, were held by people.

13 August 2018
Tahrir al Sham Denial to Join Up with Turkish-Backed Militants in Northwest of Syria

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Tahrir al Sham terrorists denied Turkey’s offer to join other militia to form a group under Turkey’s support in northwest of Syria.

12 August 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 12 August 2018; Ansarallah Attacks in Najran Border

“Images: Ansarallah heavy attacks against Sudanese and Saudi forces in Najran borders.”

12 August 2018
Taliban Capture Khwaja Omari District in Ghazni Province

Islamic World News Analysis Group: After fierce and heavy attacks by Taliban militants on various towns of Ghzani province, Khwaja Omari district fell into Taliban hands.

12 August 2018
Syrian Army Operation in Eastern Suwayda and Liberation of Some New Points

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Following the Syrian Army operation against ISIS terrorists in eastern deserts of Suwayda, the important height of Tal Alam liberated.

10 August 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 9 August 2018; Retaliation in Saudis’ Style!

“Images showing school bus of students in Yemen being attacked by Saudi Coalition warpkanes in Dhahyan city, Saada province”

10 August 2018
Syrian Government Demands The Locals of Idlib for Negotiations and National Reconciliations

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The Syrian government by spreading announcements over the sky of Idlib demanded that the locals join the “National Reconciliations” and to come back into the arms of nation.

09 August 2018
US-Saudi Aggressors Targeted a School Bus Filled with Children While Passing a Local Market in Dhahian Southern Saada in Yemen + video

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The US-Saudi Coalition warplanes on Thursday targeted a school bus in the market of Dahyan in the province of Saada which led to the death and wounding about 130 people, mostly children.

09 August 2018
August 8, 1998 The Beginning of a Continuous Tragedy!

All the people of Afghanistan remember the August 8, 1998, specially the people of Balkh province, those bloody and bitter days, death were constantly falling upon them from everywhere…

09 August 2018
Latest Map of Fronts in Syria until 6 August 2018; Everything You Need to Know About the Past 78 Days

Read in this article; investigation of important changes in battlefield during the last 78 days

09 August 2018
Emphasis Prospect of Iran-Pakistan Relations Following the Victory of “Tehreek-e-Insaf” Party in Pakistan Elections and Party’s Emphasis on Having a Strong Relation with Iran.

The presence and growth of extremist groups like Taliban, Lashkar-e-Taiba (Army of the Good) etc… and influence of foreign countries, tensions with neighbouring countries and political corruption , … all of these are of problems that has left the political sphere of Pakistan in turmoil.

08 August 2018
One of the “White Helmets” Bases in Quneitra; Images