21 August 2019
Eastern Tribes of Yemen Get Armed for Confronting the Saudi Coalition

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Mahrah tribes in eastern Yemen gathered and announced their readiness for fight against the Saudi coalition.

21 August 2019
Map: Syrian Army Liberated Khan Sheikhoun in Southern Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: This afternoon, Syrian Army continued their advance westward after the liberation of Tal Tari, eventually joining the forces that had liberated the city of Khan Sheikhun in the west of the Khazanat checkpoint and thus the Turkish observation post, Morek, Kafr Zita, Latamenah and another villages were besieged by the Syrian Army.

21 August 2019
Fire in Balad Airbase, Saladin Governorate

Muhammad Baldawi, an Iraqi MP claimed that the airbase was attacked and the target was Hashad Sha’abi forces located in it.

20 August 2019
Breaking | Ansar Allah Shot Down A US. MQ-9 Drone Over the Zamar Province

According to Yemeni Armed Forces spokesman, an American MQ9 UAV was targeted and shot down over the Zamar province by the Yemeni Army Air Defense System.

20 August 2019
Southerners Rise to take full control of Abyan province in southern Yemen

ISWNews Analysis Group: Security Belt Forces also known as Hizam Al Amni forces (backed by UAE) besieged the headquarters of police and security forces in the Abyan province.

19 August 2019
Syrian Army Entered Khan Sheikhun in the South of Idlib province

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to the latest available information, Syrian Army Tiger forces entered the city of Khan Sheikhun from the north side of the city tonight and there is currently heavy fighting inside the city.

19 August 2019
Syrian Army Attacking Turkish Military Convoy in South of Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: Today morning a Turkish military convoy of 28 military vehicles including 7 tanks and 6 bulldozers which was going to south of Idlib and Khan Sheikhun area was attacked by Syrian fighter jets in Haysh area.

19 August 2019
Breaking | Ansar Allah Missile Attack on Mas Base, Marib Province

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Yemeni Army missile unit targeted the Saudi-led forces parade at the Mas military camp in Marib province with a new missile named “Nekal”.

19 August 2019
Map: Latest Syrian Army Advances in Southern Idlib 19 August 2019
18 August 2019
Satellite image of Al-Shayba Refinery in eastern Saudi Arabia.

According to published images and comparing the image before and after the Ansar Allah operation, the damage to this refinery is significant.

15 August 2019
Adil Abdul-Mahdi Issued a No Flight Zone in Iraq’s Airspace.

Adil Abdul-Mahdi, Iraqi Prime Minister and Commander in Chief, banned all sort of flights military or civil of any kind including helicopter and drones in Iraq’s Airspace.

14 August 2019
Satellite photos of Hashad Sha’abi’s destroyed ammo warehouse in south of Baghdad

ISWNews Analysis Group: Israeli company ImageSat Intl. released photos of Hashad Sha’abi(PMU) and Iraqi Police ammo warehouse which was exploded two days ago in south of Baghdad.