Middle East
17 December 2017
Beit Jinn latest updates; Fights still going on Beit Jinn heights.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Syrian Army is advancing in the Beit Jinn besieged area in southern Damascus and is taking over strategic heights.

12 December 2017
Martyrdom of a warrior who was nightmare of Israel.

Mohamed Qasim Tarhini one of Lebanon Islamic Moqawama (Hezbollah) martyred in fight against terrorists in Syria. Last summer he sent a message, which frightened Israel severely.

11 December 2017
Putin ordered the start of preparations for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday visited the Russian air base in Syria. The Russian president was received by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Russian Forces Commander in Syria Sergey Surovkin.

10 December 2017
AnsarAllah push back Hadi’s troops from Hays

Islamic World News Analysis Group: AnsarAllah by forcing Hadi’s and Emirates’ forces to retreat from Hays, prevents more regions from falling in Al Hudaydah governate.

10 December 2017
Syrian army clearing the deserts in south of the Deir Ezzor province from the ISIS remnants

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Syrian army and troops of Resistance Front purge remainder of ISIS forces in 2,000 square km of lands in southern Deir ez Zor province.

10 December 2017
Saudi-led Coalition Captures Another Important District In Western Yemen

On December 10, forces loyal to Saudi-backed Yemeni President Hadi and units of the UAE Army captured Hays district in the western province of al-Hudaydah.

10 December 2017
Yemen news Dec 9th 2017

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports: After Saleh’s unsuccessful coup and his elimination from Yemen politics, AnsarAllah and Mansour Hadi try to negotiate with different tribes in addition to heavy fights going between them.

10 December 2017
Latest updates about Beit Jinn siege in southern Damascus

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports that Syrian army by taking Tal Bard`aya gained firecontrol on the logistic road of insurgents in Beit Jinn pockect

09 December 2017
Breaking news | Iraq is freed entirely!

Operation of Khatam Al Nabe’en (holy prophet) second step

09 December 2017
Breaking | Today is “Day of wrath for Palestine”

Hamas in their statement which published last night, invited Palestinian people to go to border between Gaza strip and occupied Palestine and engage and fight with Zionist soldiers and inhabitants there.

08 December 2017
Trump’s Decision Insults 1 Billion Muslims, Millions of Christians

The Secretary General of the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement has slammed Trump’s decision on Jerusalem as the ‘second Balfour declaration’, saying that his move is an insult to over one billion Muslims and millions of Christians.

07 December 2017
Hadi’s forces entered Al Hudaydah governate; Al Khukhah fell

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports: Al Khukhah city in south of Al Hudaydah governate fell to Hadi’s troops. Southern bank of Al Hudaydah was under heavy bombardment of Saudi alliance fighters in recent days.