16 July 2018
Latest Updates on Iraq 16 July 2018; Protests Continue in Several Areas

Islamic World News Analysis Group: While Iraq Internet (most cities) had been cut off to control the protests and security in the country until yesterday, there is unofficial news of the deaths and injuries of dozens of protesters during the protests in the past days.

14 July 2018
Protests in Basra Spreading to Najaf and Other Provinces in Iraq.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: In recent days, people of Basra in Iraq due to lack of public services such as water and electricity are protesting. It followed yesterday by closing the main roads to eastern border and to Baghdad.

02 July 2018
Suicide Attack to Center of Keeping Votes of Recent Election in Kirkuk Iraq; Photo

Islamic World News Analysis Group: In the following week, vote boxes with objection on them will be recounted by hand.

23 June 2018
Federal Supreme Court of Iraq’s Reaction to Council of Representatives’s Law; Recounting of the votes are legal, Abolishment of illegal results + Picture

The Federal Supreme Court of Iraq, with approving the decision of Council of Representatives —about recounting the votes of “Iraqi parliamentary election”— declared that foreign votes, votes of displaced people, and votes of security forces of “Iraqi Kudistan”, are illegal.

12 June 2018
Erdogan Announced the Inception of Qandil Operation; PKK Released a Video Showing Turkish Forces Being Killed + Video

PKK released a video showing Turkish soldiers being killed in region Qandil in north of Iraq.

11 June 2018
Images | Iraq Ballot Boxes Storage Site on Fire

In this incident one of the four ballot boxes storage site catches fire in Baghdad, which belongs to the al-Rasafa district of Baghdad.

11 June 2018
Video | Fire Breaks Out From Warehouse Storing Ballot Boxes For Iraq’s Election Recount

According to the Iraqi parliament order, it was supposed to all votes be recounted in the coming days and according to the statistics, the number of seats of parties and coalitions in the recount could change significantly.

08 June 2018
Photos | The First Coalition About Forming the Cabinet of Iraq Has Been Announced.

The alliance of Revolutionaries for Reform (Sairoon) current with the leadership of Muqtada Sadr, The National Wisdom Movement (Hikma) led by Sayed Ammar Hakim, The National Coalition (Al-Wataniya) led by Ayad Allawi, formed a coalition with eachother.

07 June 2018
Historical Day in Iraqi Parliament; Recounting the Votes Manually of All Iraq, Firing Members of Election Commission

Recounting whole votes of election manually by Parliament is approved and nine judges are to monitor the recounting.

04 June 2018
US Forces Entered Sinjar Mountain, Iraq

Islamic World News Analysis Group: 15 US Army vehicles arrived in the area after the agreement with the Iraqi government and is now deployed near the Mira hill.

03 June 2018
Video | Turkish Army Entering a Village in North of Iraq + Photos

Turkish Army using military vehicles enters village Barmizah, a village in the region of Saydakan in northeast of Irbil governorate in Kurdistan Iqlim.

30 May 2018
More Than a Thousand Electoral Area’s Votes are Abolished.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The IHEC announced that it has abolished 1021 electoral areas votes.