19 July 2019
Iraq in the Past Week; Headlines

Photo and identity of one of the attackers to Erbil restaurant “Madhloum Dagh” 27 years old from Diyarbakır, Turkey.

17 July 2019
Turkey’s deputy consul general shot dead in Iraqi Kurdistan; Erdoğan vowed to retaliate.

While various sources claimed different numbers of killed people but the official sources confirmed that Turkey’s deputy consul general has been killed until now.

14 July 2019
Turkey launched counter-terror Operation “Claw-2” in northern Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: A new operation named Claw-2 against PKK is launched on Friday at 10 pm (local time), Turkey’s Ministry of National Defense said.

13 July 2019
Iraq in the Past Week; Headlines + Images

Bombing terrorist bases near borders of Iqlim and Iran by artillery and drones after martyrdom of three Revolution Guards soldiers in Piranshahr and Iran’s warning to Iqlim’s officials.

28 June 2019
Iraq in the Past Week; Summary of News

Attack on Bahrain embassy; Tukey’s airstrike in northern Iraq, the Iraq’s Hezbollah response to American cyber attack, and some other important headlines of Iraq.

26 June 2019
Clearing Vast Areas of Al Anbar Desert, Iraq.

ISWNews Analysis Group: Hashad Sha’abi forces on Tuesday, cleared a vast areas of Al Anbar province which includes several villages.

25 June 2019
Boundless Boundaries!

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to current information, a new convoy of US armored vehicles entered Hasakah province of Syria through Iraqi border.

25 June 2019
The Popular Mobilization Forces Security Operation in Borders of Iraq and Syria

The Popular Mobilization Forces PMU takes action to purify and securing 120 kms of the borderline regions between Iraq and Syria including Wadi Sawab, Suwaib, Abu Khalifah.

21 June 2019
Iraq in the Past Week; Summary of News

Ayatullah Sistani office statement regarding the fifth anniversary of fatwa of Hashad Sha’abi foundation and jihad against ISIS terrorist group: If Iraqis did not unite and political parties did not put their differences away and if friend countries’ helps did not help, we could not win over ISIS.

19 June 2019
Adil Abdul-Mahdi’s Statement; Foreign and Domestic Military Activities Are Limited

Adil Abdul-Mahdi, Iraqi Prime Minister and Chief of Staff stated to prevent anomalies and illegal actions military activities of domestic and foreign forces in Iraq are limited and will be under the law and from now on without Baghdad’s permission are illegal.

18 June 2019
Firing A Rocket at Ninewa Operations Command in Mosul, Iraq

Local sources in Iraq announces the firing of a Katyusha rocket at the Operations Command and the Presidential Palace in Mosul, where the US forces are deployed.

06 June 2019
Several ISIS Suicide Attacks to Al Baghdadi Area Were Neutralized!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Yesterday, Iraqi security forces thwarted several ISIS suicide bombers in Al Baghdadi district of the Iraqi province of Anbar, which had been prepared for Eid al-Fitr.