12 September 2019
Noisy Iraqi Operation Supported by US Coalition Against ISIS North of Saladin + Video and Images

ISWNews Analysis Group: Iraqi forces launched an operation named “Black Soil” in the Zur Kan’us area northeast of Saladin province with heavy US-led coalition air support against ISIS remnants in the area.

11 September 2019
Breaking | PMU Shot Down A Unidentified UAV in Iraq

SWNews Analysis Group: Iraq’s Hashd al-Shaabi announced the downing of an unidentified drone in Diyala province that was planning to attack Iraqi forces in the Kanaan area.

04 September 2019
US explosives expert died in Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: An American explosives expert was killed as he tried to diffuse a bomb in Nineveh Province on Tuesday.

26 August 2019
Image: PMU’s Martyrs in Yesterday’s Attacks in Anbar Province

According to Hashd Al Shaabi information, Hashd Al Shaabi vehicles were bombed by Israeli drones near the Al Qaim border yesterday, killing two of its forces.

25 August 2019
Details of Israeli attacks on Hashd Al Shaabi forces + Video

ISWNews Analysis Group: Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Forces(PMU) confirms the loss of two of its forces and the wounding of another in an unidentified UAV attack in Anbar province.

23 August 2019
Grand Ayatollah Al Haeri: It is “Haram” for US to remain in Iraq.

Grand Ayatollah Kazem Husseini Haeri, a prominent Twelver Shi’a Marja in Iraq, regarding the attacks on PMU’s bases said: “Remaining of US troops in Iraq by whatever name, such as training, military consulting or counterterrorism that they themselves originate, is a religious prohibition”

22 August 2019
Unveiling of the Main Culprits of the Attacks on Hashed al-Shaabi Bases in Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, Deputy Chairman of Popular Mobilization Units in a statement blamed the United States for the recent attacks on the PMU’s bases in Iraq and stated that whatever happens from now on, its responsibility is on the United States.

21 August 2019
Fire in Balad Airbase, Saladin Governorate

Muhammad Baldawi, an Iraqi MP claimed that the airbase was attacked and the target was Hashad Sha’abi forces located in it.

15 August 2019
Adil Abdul-Mahdi Issued a No Flight Zone in Iraq’s Airspace.

Adil Abdul-Mahdi, Iraqi Prime Minister and Commander in Chief, banned all sort of flights military or civil of any kind including helicopter and drones in Iraq’s Airspace.

14 August 2019
Satellite photos of Hashad Sha’abi’s destroyed ammo warehouse in south of Baghdad

ISWNews Analysis Group: Israeli company ImageSat Intl. released photos of Hashad Sha’abi(PMU) and Iraqi Police ammo warehouse which was exploded two days ago in south of Baghdad.

13 August 2019
Video: A powerful Blast at weapons depot of the Popular Mobilization Units and federal police in the south of Baghdad.

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to the released statistics there are 13 people wounded so far that two of them are from federal police and 4 from the Popular Mobilization Units personnel.

09 August 2019
Iraq in the Past Week; Headlines + Images

US spy drone fell over Ridhwaniyah area, west of Baghdad