20 November 2018
Hashad Sha’abi Operation in Six Axes in Southwest of Kirkuk

On Tuesday Hashad Sha’abi, ISF, Iraqi Police and Iraqi Airforce started an operation in southwest of Kirkuk from six axes to clear the area.

02 November 2018
Strengthening and Establishing New Trenches in the Border of Iraq and Syria by Hashad Sha’abi

Islamic World News Analysis Group: After continuing retreats by SDF from Baghuz region and following ISIS advances toward Iraq border, Hashad Sha’abi is erecting new earthworks and strengthening the current ones in the border of Syria and Iraq.

30 October 2018
Airstrikes Against Remainder of ISIS in Makhul Mountain and Khanukah Iraq

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Tuesday, Iraqi fighters attacked ISIS positions in north of Saladin province.

30 October 2018
Explosion of a bomb in the direction of Arbaeen pilgrims in Diyala province

An explosion in the Bawah Mahmud district of Khanaqin in Dyala province targeted a Arbaeen station of Imam Hussain.

19 October 2018
PMU Begins the Fourth Stage of Operation “Hizm al Abtal”

The fourth stage of Popular Mobilization Units(PMU) operation began from two axes in al-Sodur and Basatin areas with support of Iraqi warplanes to clear ISIS cells in Diyala province.

14 October 2018
“Operation Baghdad” Cancellation Bill

During recent days, Faleh KhazAli a member of Iraq Parliament stated that conducted a bill to cancel “Operation Baghdad” force.

14 October 2018
Syria-Iraq War Report – October 12, 2018: ‘S-300 Elimination’ Delayed – Israel Grounds F-35 Fleet

‘S-300 Elimination’ Delayed – Israel Grounds F-35 Fleet

09 September 2018
IRGC Missile Attack on Terrorist Groups in Iraqi Kurdistan; Video + Images

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Iran’s Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRCG) confirms that it has fired seven short-range missiles at a gathering of terrorist commanders in Iraq’s semi-autonomous Kurdistan region in Koy Sanjaq area.

09 September 2018
Iraq’s Hashd Al-Shaabi: US Consulate Behind Basra Chaos

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis deputy chairman of PMU, one of the country’s official branches of armed forces, pointed the finger at the US consulate in Basra for the recent riots.

08 September 2018
Latest Updates on Basra Protests; Iraq

Yesterday after setting the consulate of Iran in Basra on fire by “Protesters”, they didn’t stop there, they started torching other buildings which are affiliated to Badr Organization, Islamic Dawa Party, Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, and they even attacked & torched an ambulance affiliated to Hashd Al-Shabbi (Popular Mobilization Forces).

04 September 2018
Syrian-Iraqi War Report – September 3, 2018: MSM Claims Iran Moves Missiles To Iraq

MSM Claims Iran Moves Missiles To Iraq

04 September 2018
The First Session of Iraq’s Parliament After the May 12 Election, Without Reaching to Desirable Result Postponed to Tuesday.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: “Islah and Bana” parliamentary group, with 180 signature, and “Bana” parliamentary group with 150 signature, have claimed that they are the largest parliamentary group.