27 August 2017
Images from the ISIL camera before the attack on resistance positions in Iraq-Syria border & observation with Iranian drone

This footage contains pictures that gained from the ISIS Camera before the attack & ISIS observation with Iranian drone

26 August 2017
Great Advances by Iraqi Forces in right side of TalAfar

Today, Iraqi forces cleansed the major part of TalAfar.

26 August 2017
Last Military Situation In Tal Afar In Northern Iraq, operation results till now

Iraqi forces have advanced inside the city of Tal Afar and captured more than 50 percent of the city from ISIS terrorists.

22 August 2017
Bombing ISIL bases with “Shahed 129” , Iranian drone

The resistance forces using Iranian drones for targeting ISIS bastions in Syria deserts

21 August 2017
Publishing hundreds of thousands of leaflets in ISIL-controlled cities in Iraq

Last night Iraqi forces spreaded out thousands of declarations by the aircrafts upon towns of Havijah , Al-Qaem,Ra’eveh and Akashat to inform people whom are under ISIS control in these areas about Iraqi forces‘s last day onrush in Tal Afar fronts ,also the Islamic state militants warned to surrender or die.

21 August 2017
TalAfar Operation 1st day results

PMU, Iraqi forces liberated at least 7(to 10) villages from ISIS occupation

20 August 2017
ISIS Attack And Alleged US-led Airstrikes Against Popular Mobilization Units In al-Jamouna Area At Syrian-Iraqi Border

General info The desert area between Iraq and Syria has been controlled by radical jihadists for a long time. Both Syria and Iraq have been unable to secure this large area and it has become a foothold used by al-Qaeda and ISIS. As the ISIS influence had been growing, the roads in this desert area became an important […]

20 July 2017
Destruction in Mosul ! before & After war


03 July 2017
Iraq , All together against terrorism
03 July 2017
Iraqi forces liberated Zanjili neighbourhood in old Mosul
02 July 2017
Destroyed city remained after ISIS
02 July 2017
Happiness of Iraqi army after victories