02 February 2019
Video | PMU Preventing US Soldiers from Patrolling + Images

Hashad Sha’abi preventing American soldiers patrol in a part of Mosul said by chief deputy Haj Rizvan al Anzi.

02 February 2019
Iraq’s Artillery Attack ISIS Terrorists at the Border

Today Saturday, Iraqi Joint Forces bombed ISIS terrorists in Baghuz Tahtani Syria knowing their decision on attacking Hashad Sha’abi at Iraq’s border.

28 January 2019
Dispatching a Special Team to Hunt Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi Leader of ISIS

It is reported that an American special team is assigned to find Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi leader of ISIS; they entered Syria via Iraq.

28 January 2019
The History of Turkey’s Army Entrance to north of Iraq + Statistics About their Bases in Iraq Territory

The history of their entrance to northern Iraq goes back to 1982 and the agreement between these to countries. According to the agreement Turkey is allowed to enter Iraq’s soil up to 20 kilometer.

26 January 2019
Claiming Turkish Base in Kurdistan Iqlim by Protestors + Images

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Due to Turkish fighters airstrikes on Wednesday, four local people were killed.

26 January 2019
Clearing Al Hadhar Desert, South of Mosul+ Images

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Hashad Sha’abi forces and Iraqi Army started clearing Al Hadhar desert in south of Mosul.

19 January 2019
Security Operation in the Najaf Desert

On Friday, the second brigade of Hashd al-Sha’bi and the Iraqi security forces launched a preventive security operation in the Najaf desert.

18 January 2019
Hashad Sha’abi’s Artillery Firing on ISIS in Syria

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Thursday, Iraqi Hashad Sha’abi’s artillery was firing ISIS in Al Susah area, Syria and according to them, 15 members of ISIS were killed.

09 January 2019
Latest Updates on Iraq in a Week
01 January 2019
Attacking ISIS in Syria by Iraqi Fighters

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Iraqi Airforce for the several consecutive times during the last few months attacked ISIS positions in Syria.

28 December 2018
Unannounced Trump’s Visit to Ayn Al Asad Airbase; Insult to Iraq Rule
27 December 2018
Establishing Two New Military Bases by US. Inside Iraq

Islamic World News Analysis Group: One of the Iraqi officials revealed the information about America’s establishing two new military bases, close to Syria’s border.