19 May 2018
The Final Results of the Electronic Election of Iraq Has Been Released.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The alliance of “Revolutionaries For Reform”(Saairun) obtained 54 seat, “the Fatah alliance” 47 seat, “the Victory(al-Nasr) alliance” 42 seat.

19 May 2018
Hakim Meets with Sadr, The Immediate Session of Iraq Parliament, The UN Demands Investigation on Complaints | Photos

Islamic World News Analysis Group: 81 of the representatives of Iraq parliament are talking about a widespread electoral fraud, they signed a letter, addressing the president of Iraqi Parliament (Salim al-Jabouri), and demanded an immediate session to investigate this matter.

19 May 2018
The First Elections of Iraq After the Defeat of ISIS and the First Electronic Election; Introducing Iraqi Coalitions.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: After many conflicts about the result of the Iraqi parliamentary election, the election committee of Iraq, postpone the official announcement on final results to Thursday or Friday.

18 May 2018
The Recovery of Corpses from the Western Side of Mosul Ended.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Iraqi civil defense said on Thursday that operations to recover the dead bodies of last year’s operation from the coastal areas of the Tigris River and its adjacent areas in the western side of the city of Mosul ended.

14 May 2018
Unofficial Result of Parliamentary Election in Iraq in 10 Provinces; Photo + Vote List

Islamic World News Analysis Group: While there are sporadic objections about fraud and changing the results of voting, independent election commission of Iraq announced unofficial final results in most of provinces as follows:

14 May 2018
Parliamentary Election in Iraq after Defeat of ISIS

According to supreme commission of election of Iraq, near seven thousand candidates are competing for 328 seats in Iraq’s Parliament and eligible voters are 24 million and 349 thousand and 357 persons.

13 May 2018
Iraqi Forces Arrested Five Major ISIS Commanders in Syria; Images and Names

Islamic World News Analysis Group: A major operation against ISIS terrorists in Syria was successfully carried out, in which five of the most important ISIS commanders were arrested.

12 May 2018
Bombing ISIS positions in Syria by Hashd Al-Sha’abi (PMU)

Popular Mobilization Forces (PMU) announced in a statement that, on Thursday afternoon, the 29th Division Artillery struck ISIS positions in the village of al-Atashah inside Syria.

28 April 2018
World’s Largest Consulate Facility Will be Built in Iraqi Kurdistan Region by United States

Consulate or a facility for spying from the region ?!

27 March 2018
PKK Withdrawal and Deployment of Iraqi Forces

Iraq Joint Commandment spokesperson yesterday said that Iraqi Army are established with heavy arsenal in suburbs of cities Sinjar and Senun in west of Mosul, where PKK forces retreated yesterday.

20 December 2017
Security condition in Sulaymaniyah governorate; seven protesters are killed.

Seven protesters are killed and more than 100 injured by security forces fires.

09 December 2017
Breaking news | Iraq is freed entirely!

Operation of Khatam Al Nabe’en (holy prophet) second step