Middle East
31 March 2019
Investigating UAE’ Foreign Policy

Abundant Oil resources and wealth of the Persian Gulf which were divided by UK between several small and large countries such as Emirates and Saudi Arabia, enabled them to carry on their exploitation policies from Africa to Asia and rule over several thousand years of civilization.
Thus military and rented armies of West and East become a profitable industry which requires the “shadow of war” policy (for example Iranophobia in western Asia) to boom weapon contracts, military support, oil industry exploitation and etc.
Emirates is one of these countries which has a vast plan for foreign influence in fear of Iran and Moghawemat power and in competition with Qatar and Saudi Arabia.
The range of Emirates foreign influence plan covers countries such as Yemen, Libya, Algeria, Somalia, Afghanistan and etc.

31 March 2019
Ansar Allah Advancing in Dhale Province + Map

ISWNews Analysis Group: Due to Ansar Allah and Popular Committees recent operation in Dhale province, south of Yemen, forces led by the Coalition were repelled in southern Damt and Haqab and retreated to Moris heights.

30 March 2019
Latest Updates on Yemen, 29 March 2019

Latest news from Hajjah, Saadah, Dhale, Hudayda and Bayda frontlines.

29 March 2019
Security Operation in Baghuz Area against ISIS

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Despite the announcement by the SDF about the liberation of the Baghuz region, security operations continue to clear ISIS remnants from the area.

29 March 2019
Syria to Trump: US Can Give Israel Two of Its Own States!

Syrian envoy to the United Nations Bashar al-Jaafari has suggested that the United States offer Israel two of its own states – which Washington actually had jurisdiction over – rather than the occupied Golan Heights.

29 March 2019
Israeli Regime Attacking “Sheikh Najjar Industrial Area “, Aleppo

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Last night about 11 pm local time, Sheikh Najjar Industrial Area was hit by several Israeli missiles.

27 March 2019
Liberating Occupied Territories from Israel

Syrians shall return the Golan to their country and the Lebanese should also retrieve the Shebaa Farms and Kafr Shuma and al Ghajr.

27 March 2019
Latest Updates on Yemen, 26 March 2019; Yemeni People Parade on Fourth Anniversary of the War
26 March 2019
Dissolution of Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement in Syria

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement officially stated its dissolution and forming a brigade under the title “Third Brigade” and joining Faylaq al Majd a subgroup of Syrian National Army.

25 March 2019
Latest Updates on Yemen, 24 March 2019

Latest updates on Yemen’s frontlines

25 March 2019
Three ISIS Suicide Bomb Exploded Near Sinjar of Iraq

Islamic World News Analysis Group: In recent days, due to ISIS attacking Hashad Sha’abi several of their forces are martyred, Diyala province.

24 March 2019
Demonstrations in Occupied Golan

The people of the occupied Golan heights protested yesterday and today in condemning the decision of Donald Trump for recognizing Israeli sovereignty on the occupied Golan heights.