Middle East
25 December 2018
Latest Military Situation in Hajin Pocket, 25 December 2018; SDF Capture Abu Khatir

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Syrian Democratic Forces managed to capture village Abu Khatir in east of Euphrates from ISIS terrorists.

25 December 2018
Heavy Preparation For Turkey Operation in North of Syria

Over the past three days, various Turkish-backed militants in large military columns have been sent to the border areas in the east of Euphrates and Turkey-SDF contact lines in the north of Manbij.

25 December 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 24 December 2018; Saudi Coalition Airstrikes Undermine Ceasefire

Latest news from Yemeni fronts; Ceasefire is started while Saudi Coalition airstrikes are taking place in various areas of Yemen, especially Al Hudaydah.

24 December 2018
Map | Latest Updates on Sirwah Front, Marib Province; 23 December 2018

During the last few days, Ansar Allah troops performed extensive attacks against Saudi Coalition led forces in Sirwah front. Map showing the latest situation of Sirwah battle.

24 December 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 22 December 2018; al Hudaydah Ceasefire Under Coalition Fire!

Latest updates on fronts and process of Sweden agreement.

23 December 2018
Video | Ansar Allah Destroyed A Saudi CH-4 UAV in Saadah Sky

The CH-4 is a Chinese-made drone based on American MQ-9 UAV and capable of carrying up to 250-345 kg bombs and also capable of a 3500–5000 km range and a 30- to 40-hour endurance.

23 December 2018
Syrian War Report – Dec. 21, 2018: US Evacuates Base In Al-Tanf, Prepares To Halt Aerial Operation

US Evacuates Base In Al-Tanf, Prepares To Halt Aerial Operation

21 December 2018
Turkey Delays Its Operation in East of Euphrates, Syria

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday that Ankara will delay its operation in east of the Euphrates River, Syria.

21 December 2018
USA Evacuating Syria; Do Kurds Understand True Identity of USA?

Yesterday Donald Trump US President said in a tweet that “We have defeated ISIS in Syria, my only reason for being there during the Trump Presidency.” So there is no reason to stay in Syria, US soldiers to evacuate Syria.

19 December 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 18th December 2018; Saudi Coalition Violating Ceasefire on the First Day

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Saudi Coalition on the first day of ceasefire in al Hudaydah province firing some guided missiles in Tuhayta, artillery and missiles attacking to al Hudaydah city and suburbs is violating the ceasefire.

19 December 2018
Who Is Martyr Abu Haydar Al Hamzi?

Abdullah Ahsan Jar Allah Al Hamzi famous as Abu Haydar a field commander of Ansar Allah in recent years whose bravery and sacrifices will not be forgotten from Yemeni people.

18 December 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 15th December 2018; Cease-fire

Latest updates on agreement and Saudi Coalition continuinging bombing