Middle East
14 January 2019
Clip | How Does Ansar Allah New Suicide Drone Work?

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Brigadier General Yahya Sari’, Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesperson in a press conference released new information about suicide drone “Qasif 2-K” which was used to attack Al Anad airbase.

14 January 2019
The “National Front for Liberation” handed over the Taftnaz Airbase to “Hayat Tahrir Al Sham”

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Following the expansion of the “Tahrir Al Sham” influence in northwest of Syria, the “National Front for Liberation” militants handed over the important airbase of Taftnaz in the northeast of Idlib to HTS.

14 January 2019
Intelligence Chief of the Saudi-backed government of Yemen, died after Ansar Allah UAV attack on the Al Anad military base in Lahij.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The resigned government of Mansour Hadi’s intelligence chief, Brigadier General Saleh Tammah, died on Sunday, three days after being injured in a Ansar Allah drone attack on the country’s largest airbase.

14 January 2019
Latest Updates on Yemen 13 January 2019, Intensification of Ansar Allah Drone attacks

Latest news from Yemen fronts

13 January 2019
Israeli Artillery and Airstrike on Gaza Strip

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Last night, artillery and Israeli warplanes bombed a number of areas in the Gaza Strip.

13 January 2019
IDF Declares End of “Operation Northern Shield” in Northern Occupied Lands

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Sunday, the IDF announced the end of Operation Northern Shield after it discovered 6 claimed tunnels in northern Palestine.

12 January 2019
Latest Updates on Yemen, 11 January 2019; Engagements Intensified

Images showing Mohammad Ali al-Houthi at Ansar Allah drill and training camp site.

11 January 2019
Israeli Warplanes Launched Several Missiles on Damascus

Moments ago Israeli fighters fired some missiles from Lebanese airspace to some targets near Damascus airport.

11 January 2019
Syrian War Report – Jan. 10, 2019: Al-Qaeda Defeats Another Turkish-backed ‘Opposition’ Group

Al-Qaeda Defeats Another Turkish-backed ‘Opposition’ Group

11 January 2019
Military Map of Militant Groups in Northwest of Syria, 10 January 2019; Engagement Halt in Southwest of Idlib

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Hayat Tahrir Al Sham stated that engagement halted in northwest of Syria after agreeing with NFL militants.

10 January 2019
Map | Military Situation in Northwest of Saadah, Baqem Front; 10 January 2019

Baqem axis in northwest of Saadah province during recent months and weeks was field for numerous and sometimes heavy engagements between AnsarAllah and Saudi Coalition.

10 January 2019
Ansar Allah Drone Attack on the Headquarters of the Coalition Forces in Southern Yemen + Video

Islamic World News Analysis Group: AnsarAllah’s today morning drone attack to Al Anad airbase in Lahij, south of Yemen, killed seven and wounded 16. Among casualties are some of Mansoor Hadi’s Army commanders.