Middle East
04 September 2019
US explosives expert died in Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: An American explosives expert was killed as he tried to diffuse a bomb in Nineveh Province on Tuesday.

04 September 2019
Ansar Allah Drone Strikes on King Khalid Airbase, Saudi Arabia

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah targeted the King Khalid airbase in Khamis Mushait with several Qasef K2 loitering munitions.

04 September 2019
Video: Israeli Base Avivim Empty! Israel’s Red Lines Violated.

Arabic RT made a report of evacuated Avivim base near Lebanon’s border; an interesting unprecedented report in Israel!

03 September 2019
Ansar Allah Missile Attack on Najran Airport

ISWNews Analysis Group: Ansar Allah fired a Badr-1 missile at Najran airport, southern Saudi Arabia

02 September 2019
Video | Footage of hitting an Israeli armored vehicle by Hezbollah near Lebanon’s border

Finally after one day, Hezbollah released a video showing the targeting of an Israeli armored vehicle near Avivim town in occupied lands near Lebanon’s border by a Kornet anti-tank guided missile.

01 September 2019
Breaking | Hezbollah Response to Israel

ISWNews Analysis Group: Hezbollah destroyed an Israeli army’s vehicle in Avivim town.

01 September 2019
Heavy Clashes Between ISIS and Al-Qaeda in Al-Bayda, Yemen

ISWNews Analysis Group: ISIS forces stormed the Al-Qaeda positions in the Al Humayda area in Bayda province, killing Al Qaeda members and captured their bases.

31 August 2019
Latest Updates on Southerners and Hadi’s Forces Conflict, 31 August 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: Aidarus al-Zoubaidi, the leader of Southern Transitional Council stated that Southern Forces will continue the operation until complete liberation of south of Yemen.

30 August 2019
“Traitor traitor traitor, Turkish army is traitor” is militia’s supporters slogan these days in Idlib.

After recent defeat of militants in Idlib, a wave of protests against Turkey is arising in Idlib and among militia and supporters.

30 August 2019
Latest Updates on Ansar Allah’s Operation in North of Kitaf; 29 August 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: Mansour Hadi’s forces in north of Kitaf are still under siege by Ansar Allah and heavy engagements continuing.

30 August 2019
Map: Syrian Army Advances in Southern Idlib 30 August 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian Army liberated Tamanah, Sakiyat, Tal Turki, Tal Jafar, Tal Sayyid Ali in southern Idlib province from militants.

30 August 2019
Ansar Allah Drone Attacks on Southern Saudi Arabia

ISWNews Analysis Group: Last night, Ansar Allah targeted the Najran airport in southern Saudi Arabia with several Qasef K2 drones.