Middle East
20 May 2018
ISIS Evacuation from Southern Damascus in Silence of Government Media

Islamic World News Analysis Group: According to our field sources, this morning about 20 buses evacuated the unknown number of ISIS terrorists from Yarmouk camp.

19 May 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 18 May 2018; Barrack al-Anad Hit by Missile and End of Conflict in Socotra

Evacuation of island Socotra by UAE forces; Firing a Bard-1 missile to Jizan economic area

19 May 2018
Syrian War Report – May 18, 2018: Syrian Army Prepares For Anti-Militant Operation In Southern Syria
19 May 2018
The Final Results of the Electronic Election of Iraq Has Been Released.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The alliance of “Revolutionaries For Reform”(Saairun) obtained 54 seat, “the Fatah alliance” 47 seat, “the Victory(al-Nasr) alliance” 42 seat.

19 May 2018
Large Explosions in Hama Military Airport

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Around 2:00 pm on the second Friday of Ramadan several large explosions heard from Hama in the central of Syria.

19 May 2018
Hakim Meets with Sadr, The Immediate Session of Iraq Parliament, The UN Demands Investigation on Complaints | Photos

Islamic World News Analysis Group: 81 of the representatives of Iraq parliament are talking about a widespread electoral fraud, they signed a letter, addressing the president of Iraqi Parliament (Salim al-Jabouri), and demanded an immediate session to investigate this matter.

19 May 2018
Syrian War Report – May 17, 2018: Army Liberates Rastan Pocket, Advances In Southern Damascus
19 May 2018
Latest Military Situation in Southern Damascus 18 May 2018

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The Syrian army and the Palestinian al-Quds Brigade tightened the ISIS siege in the south of Damascus by advancing on the al-Quds mosque axis and the north of Hajar al Aswad.

19 May 2018
The First Elections of Iraq After the Defeat of ISIS and the First Electronic Election; Introducing Iraqi Coalitions.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: After many conflicts about the result of the Iraqi parliamentary election, the election committee of Iraq, postpone the official announcement on final results to Thursday or Friday.

18 May 2018
The Message that the Fatah Movement Send to Israel via its Weapons + Video

Despite the quality of this operation, the return of the “Fatah Movement” to jihadist operations in Palestine can be the most important message of this movement.

18 May 2018
The Recovery of Corpses from the Western Side of Mosul Ended.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Iraqi civil defense said on Thursday that operations to recover the dead bodies of last year’s operation from the coastal areas of the Tigris River and its adjacent areas in the western side of the city of Mosul ended.

17 May 2018
The Evacuation of the Militants From Northern Homs Continue

Islamic World News Analysis Group: A new batch of buses entered in village of Samalil in northern Homs to evacuate the last groups of people to the north of Syria.