Middle East
19 April 2018
The Armed Groups of the Eastern Qalamoun Will Surrender! ; The Advance of the Syrian Army in Eastern Qalamoun

Islamic World News Analysis Group: With the advance of the Syrian army and encirclement of Ruhaybah, the armed groups finally agreed the reconciliation.

19 April 2018
Government forces entered Dhumayr; Dhumayr liberated !

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Eventually, after the evacuation of the last remnant of Jaish al Islam militants from al-Duamyr and the raising of the Syrian flag inside the city, Dumayr was officially liberated.

19 April 2018
Syrian War Report – April 18, 2018: Syrian Army Advances In Rastan, Reaches Deal In Dumayr
19 April 2018
Syrian War Report – April 16, 2018 : US-led Strikes On Syria: PR Victory Or Decisive Failure?
18 April 2018
Jaish al Islam militants will evacuate Al-Dhumayr , located on the outskirts of Damascus.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: After liberation of Eastern Ghouta of Damascus, Dhumayr militants accepted reconciliation deal with Syrian Government

17 April 2018
“Year Of Ballistic Missiles”; Response to Saudi-led Coalition missiles, will be missiles !

Saleh al-Samad – president of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen – at the fourth anniversary of Resistance & Public mobilization on April 9, 2018, marked the year ahead is a different year than before, because …

17 April 2018
Israel attacked Syrian airports again; all attacks were repelled.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: This morning, The Syrian army air defense system intercepted and destroyed Israeli-launched missiles which targeting the al-Shu`ayrat and al-Dhuamyir military airfields

17 April 2018
The Syrian Army Operation in al-Rastan Pocket and Advancing in This Axis

Islamic World News Analysis Group: After liberation of Taqsis village in Rastan pocket, the Syrian army operation in this axis continue with liberation of news villages

16 April 2018
How the SAA & Allies liberated Eastern Ghouta from Militants in their last operation in the area.

On Feb 25, 2018 Syrian Army started a full scale operation in Eastern Ghoutah of Damascus aimed to clear all area from militants and they succeeded to achieve this goal on Apr 14, 2018.

14 April 2018
Syrian War Report – April 13, 2018: CIA Director Says ‘Couple Hundred Russians’ Killed In US Strikes
13 April 2018
Continuing the “return” march in the third consecutive week in the south of the Gaza Strip
13 April 2018
Former head of British Armed Forces gets cut off by SkyNews when he talked against alleged Chemical attack in Syria!

Another perfect example of the “independent” and “objective” journalism by the mainstream media!!