Middle East
21 August 2017
Publishing hundreds of thousands of leaflets in ISIL-controlled cities in Iraq

Last night Iraqi forces spreaded out thousands of declarations by the aircrafts upon towns of Havijah , Al-Qaem,Ra’eveh and Akashat to inform people whom are under ISIS control in these areas about Iraqi forces‘s last day onrush in Tal Afar fronts ,also the Islamic state militants warned to surrender or die.

21 August 2017
Spread of ISIS And Al-Qaeda In Yemen In Context Of Saudi-led Intervention

ISIS has released a 12 minutes long video about its training facilities in its self-proclaimed province of Al-Bayda.

21 August 2017
Al-Tayeabah, Manshar, Maqbarah Mountains and Al-Nuwayir Mountain were liberated

Thus, only a few miles remain to reach Al-Sukhnah and the final encirclement of ISIS.

21 August 2017
Hamimah in eastern Syria was eventually liberated !

Liberating this strategic area is a great contribution for opening a new axis towards Bukamal, for both Syrian army and the Axis of Resistance.

21 August 2017
TalAfar Operation 1st day results

PMU, Iraqi forces liberated at least 7(to 10) villages from ISIS occupation

21 August 2017
Last Military Situation in West Qalamoun after Hezballah & SAA advances

On the second day of the operation “In adtom adna” (ان عدتم عدنا) Hezbollah succeeded to clear vast areas of the western Qalamoun from ISIS terrorists.

20 August 2017
ISIS Attack And Alleged US-led Airstrikes Against Popular Mobilization Units In al-Jamouna Area At Syrian-Iraqi Border

General info The desert area between Iraq and Syria has been controlled by radical jihadists for a long time. Both Syria and Iraq have been unable to secure this large area and it has become a foothold used by al-Qaeda and ISIS. As the ISIS influence had been growing, the roads in this desert area became an important […]

18 August 2017
US And ISIS: Unannounced Allies Against Syrian Arab Army

Less than a year ago, US-led coalition warplanes bombed Syrian Arab Army positions in the vicinity of Deir Ezzor city and its airbase which are both besieged by ISIS over 3 years.

16 August 2017
New operation started by Syrian army & Fatemiyun division in Zamlat al Khinzir Mountain & Sawwanah Mountain

“ISWNews.com” , According to our sources in Fatemiyun division, They launched a new operation in North West of Tadmur

16 August 2017
Syrian Army prepares for massive assault in east Hama: maps

The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) is preparing for an all-out assault against the Islamic State (ISIL) forces in the eastern countryside of Hama, targeting every axis that the terrorist group is presently occupying. With their recent success against ISIL in Al-Raqqa and Homs, the Syrian Arab Army is finally in position to close the gap […]

15 August 2017
Latest field developments in central Syria + What is the next move ?!

The recent developments in central Syria have paved the way for the Syrian military and their allies to reach areas in the region that were once securely under the Islamic State’s (ISIL) control. However, with the Syrian Arab Army’s recent advance in the southern countryside of Al-Raqqa, the prospect of a complete victory against the […]

14 August 2017
1953 Iran Coup: British Approached U.S. to Topple Mossadegh

Of the many crimes committed by Washington and its faithful British satrapy around the world, the coup that toppled the democratically elected prime minister of Iran, Mohammad Mossadegh, in 1953 is one of the most egregious