Middle East
11 February 2018
Israeli F-16 shot down by Syria over Golan

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Saturday morning Syrian air defense shot down an Israeli F-16 which attacked some targets in Syrian land.

10 February 2018
100 Syrian soldiers martyred due to air raids by US alliance to Deir ez-Zor

Islamic World News Analysis Group: During air attacks by US alliance to Deir ez-Zor more than 100 Syrian Army troops and Moghawemat forces martyred.

08 February 2018
Russian game, Turkish opportunism and Iranian passivity in the north of Syria

What you should know about recent Turkey’s military activities in Afrin and south of Aleppo; hidden trade-offs, future of north of Syria

05 February 2018
Syrian Army Liberates 4 Villages From ISIS In Northeastern Hama (Map)

On February 5, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) liberated the villages of Buyud Saffaf, Abu al Kheir, Wadi Jahannam and Dhabiiyah from ISIS in the northeastern Hama countryside, according to pro-government sources

05 February 2018
Turkey-backed forces captured border village of Sorke(Tal Koshur) in Rajo region west of Afrin
03 February 2018
Militia shoot down a Russian Su-25 jet over Saraqeb.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Militia shoot down a Russian Su-25 jet fighter over Saraqeb; the pilot is killed.

02 February 2018
Report on fourteenth day of the Operation Olive Branch; 2 February 2018

Three “olive branches” present to a girl from Afrin; another anti-Islamic anti-humane by militia supported by Turkey in Afrin.

01 February 2018
Syrian Army and allies advances in south of Aleppo; latest map of the region

Islamic World News Analysis Group: During the days that militia in Aleppo and Idlib are engaged in Turkish operation in Afrin; Syrian Army and Moghawemat axis are destroying Tahrir al Sham bases in south of Aleppo and Idlib governorates.

31 January 2018
Latest News on Twelfth Day of Operation Olive Branch; 31 January 2018

A dead in Sochi summit, Syrian splendid welcome to Turkish military convoy, continuation of Erdogan’s iron fist

30 January 2018
Turkish military convoy waiting for Syria’s permission; Russia’s pressure on Moghawemat

Turkish military convoy is still in the West of Aleppo and Idlib governorates and still waiting for Syrian government permission to enter south of Aleppo and Al Eis.

30 January 2018
Turkish Military Convoy Stops in Kafr Halab; Heavy Fire in the Area by Syrian and Russian Armies.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: With incisive warning of Syrian and Russian Armies to Turkish convoy, Turkish advance is stopped at least for tonight!

30 January 2018
News on Operation Olive Branch tenth day; 29 January 2018

According to official report of Turkish Army in 28 January, 27 fighters participate in bombing different points in Afrin. According to this report until the end of 28 January, 597 “terrorists” are killed.