18 November 2018
Decisive UN Resolution Vote Condemning Israel Occupying Golan Heights

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Friday UN resolution voted supporting Syrian authority over Golan heights in which only Israel and USA voted against.

16 November 2018
Syrian War Report – November 15, 2018: Israeli Defense Minister Resigns Amid Setbacks In Gaza, Syria

Israeli Defense Minister Resigns Amid Setbacks In Gaza, Syria

14 November 2018
Cease-fire in Gaza and Claim of Victory over Israel by Moghawemat

Islamic World News Analysis Group: In two days of battle and Israel experiencing heavy casualties, they announced cease-fire.

14 November 2018
Moghawemat Rockets Aftermath; Israeli War Minister Resigned.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The latest victory for Moghawemat rocket attack in the last 48 hours is resignation of Avigdor Liberman Zionist regime war minister in opposition to the cease-fire.

13 November 2018
Video | Unique Video from Operation “Flag Ambush” against Israeli Soldiers Which Resulted in Six Death and Injured

Unique video not seen before! Zionist soldier flies due to explosion!

13 November 2018
Latest Updates on Palestine 13 November 2018

A Summary of Engagements from Last Night So Far(18:00 Tuesday) + Photos

12 November 2018
Firing more than 300 rockets at Israeli controlled areas

According to Israeli media, more than 300 rockets from the Gaza Strip have been fired into occupied territories since afternoon.

12 November 2018
Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades Explanations about Last Night Engagements

Last night while a group of plain cloth Israeli special forces in an unmarked car entered Khan Yunes and faced Moghawemat Brigades inspection post and engagements started.

12 November 2018
Vast Moghawemat Rocket Attack to Occupied Lands in Retaliation of Moghawemat Martyrs + Clips

Islamic World News Analysis Group: From today evening, Moghawemat missile units in retaliation of Zionists last night attack to Khan Yunes, which resulted in martyrdom of six, fired more than 100 rockets to Zionist towns.

25 October 2018
Video | Images released by IDF targeting Hamas positions in the Gaza Strip

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Israeli warplanes bombed a number of Hamas positions in Gaza.

24 July 2018
Israel Shoots Down a Syrian Sukhoi Warplane in Quneitra province.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) launched two Patriot missiles at a Sukhoi warplane of the Syrian Air Force and due to this incident the Syrian warplane was downed.

20 July 2018
The Zionists Are Ready to Start a War in Gaza!

Following the death of an Israeli officer in Gaza strip, the army of this regime have started major airstrikes in Gaza.