11 May 2019
Latest Updates on Palestine, 11 May 2019

Saudi newspaper in an article put Ahmed Yassin, founder of Islamic Resistance Movement of Palestine, Ismail Haniyeh head of Hamas Political Office, Khaled Mashal, Martyr Abdel Aziz al-Rantisi and some of Muslims Brotherhood in terrorist list. The papers claimed that Muslims Brotherhood has connection with al Qaeda, ISIS, Al-Nusra Front and other terrorist groups.

06 May 2019
Latest Updates on Palestine, 6 May 2019

Ceasefire and Casualties of Both Sides

06 May 2019
Latest Updates on Palestine, 5 May 2019; Unveiling New Missile Badr 3 + Video
05 May 2019
Latest Updates on Palestine, 4 May 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: After Israeli Regime’s recent attacks to protesters of 57th Friday Return Protest east of Gaza which resulted in 4 martyrs and tens wounded, Resistance groups retaliated with rockets.

02 April 2019
Details of Ceasefire Treaty Between Hamas and Israel to End Gaza’s Siege

Due to incessant indirect negotiations between Hamas and Zionist Regime by Egypt’s mediation, unofficial states show the negotiations concluded on having a stable ceasefire to end Gaza’s siege.

18 March 2019
Zionists: The executor of operation in Salfit was very cold-blooded!

Islamic World News Analysis Group: After the Palestinian fighter operation in the Ariel town, near the Salfit area, Israeli news sources unveiled more details about the incident.

17 March 2019
Two Zionist Soldiers Killed due to Palestinian Fighter Shooting in West Bank
17 March 2019
Latest Updates on Gaza
14 March 2019
Tel Aviv Capital of Israel Was Attacked by Moghawemat’s Missiles

Due to missile attack by Moghawemat to Tel Aviv and hour ago, all the security buildings outside Gaza Strip are evacuated and all the forces are stand by.

28 February 2019
Hamas Arrested Leader of Palestine’s Sabereen Movement

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Security forces related to Hamas arrested Hesham Saleh leader if Sabereen Movement with four other members in Gaza strip.

06 February 2019
Israel’s Story

Lies from top to bottom!

13 January 2019
Israeli Artillery and Airstrike on Gaza Strip

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Last night, artillery and Israeli warplanes bombed a number of areas in the Gaza Strip.