04 September 2019
Latest Updates on Syria; 4 September 2019

YPG forces are gradually handing over their bases between Ras al-Ain (Sari Kani) and Tal Abiad (Girê Spî‎) to the SDF military councils in the area.

30 August 2019
“Traitor traitor traitor, Turkish army is traitor” is militia’s supporters slogan these days in Idlib.

After recent defeat of militants in Idlib, a wave of protests against Turkey is arising in Idlib and among militia and supporters.

30 August 2019
Map: Syrian Army Advances in Southern Idlib 30 August 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian Army liberated Tamanah, Sakiyat, Tal Turki, Tal Jafar, Tal Sayyid Ali in southern Idlib province from militants.

30 August 2019
Map: Sakiyat in Southern Idlib Liberated

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian Army liberated the Sakiyat village in the southern Idlib province.

28 August 2019
Map: Harsh Response by the Syrian Army in Southern Idlib!

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Syrian Army liberated Khuwain, Zarzur, Tal Aghbar and Tamanah farms from the terrorists in southern Idlib province.

28 August 2019
Image: Militants Attacks Have Foiled by the Syrian Army

ISWNews Analysis Group: Yesterday, terrorists launched their attacks with a suicide vehicle near the village of Abu Omar, but despite the pro-militant propaganda, the attack was suppressed quickly by the Syrian army and Russian fighters.

28 August 2019
Airstrikes to Turkish Observation Posts in Sher Mughar

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to militia media, Syrian or Russian fighters raided some targets near Turkish observation post in Sher Mughar.

27 August 2019
Militants Operation Against the Syrian Army in Southern Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: Militants launched a new operation against the Syrian Army positions in Tal Maraq, Salmuia, Jaduia, Sham Al Hawa and Abi Omar in southern Idlib province.

26 August 2019
Russian Forces Deployed Near the Turkish Observation Post in Morek

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Russian Military Police have been deployed in Morek near the Turkish Observation Post No. 9 in order to prevent possible tensions between the Turkish and Syrian forces.

25 August 2019
Breaking | Israel Missile Attacks on Southern Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Tonight, the Syrian Army air defense systems in the south of the country attempted to intercept hostile targets over the Damascus sky.

24 August 2019
Will Jaish Al Izzah Be Dissolved?

ISWNews Analysis Group: After terrorists’ humiliating defeats in north of Hama and south of Idlib, now there are news of dissolution of some of these groups.

23 August 2019
Video: How the Syrian Army liberated the Northern Hama countryside from the militants

Since the start of the operation from 6 May till 23 August 2019, Syrian Army liberated an area of ~550km2 in northern Hama