07 August 2019
Map: Syrian Army Advances in Northwest of Hama Province

ISWNews Analysis Group: Last night the Syrian Army liberated Al Arbaein village from militants and secured Al Hamamiyat area from the southern flank.

05 August 2019
Russia Denied Reports About the Russian Casualties in Hmeimim Airbase

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Russian Ministry of Defense has denied reports of heavy casualties and material damage at the Hmeimim Airbase after the militants allegedly targeted the installation.

05 August 2019
Statement by the General Command of the Syrian Armed Forces About Resumption of the Military Operation in Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Syrian Army today issued a statement announcing the resumption of the military operation in Idlib region because of militants non-compliance to ceasefire.

05 August 2019
Erdogan: “We will conduct a military operation east of the Euphrates”

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish President, recently stated about north of Syria that Turkey has made the decision to attack east of Euphrates and USA and Russia have been informed.

05 August 2019
Al -Julani: “We will not retreat from the Idlib DMZ.”

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham leader, Abu Mohammad al-Julani, officially announced that his group will not withdraw from the demilitarized zone.

03 August 2019
Map: Latest Updates on Military Situation in Northwest of Hama and South of Idlib, 3 August 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: Russia gave Turkey 24 hours to evacuate its militia from DMZ of Idlib, otherwise Syrian Army resumes the operation in northwest of Hama and south of Idlib.

03 August 2019
Breaking | Explosion in Shayrat Airbase

28 members of the Syrian Army killed and five others were wounded as a result of an explosion in ammo depot in Shayrat Airbase, western Homs.

01 August 2019
Map: Syrian Army Advances in Northwest of Hama 1 August 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: Today Thursday, following the Syrian Army advances in northwest of Hama province, the villages of Abu Raeida, Abu Raeida Gharbi, Hasraya, Aziziya and Mushairifa have liberated from militants.

31 July 2019
Map: Syrian Army Advances in Northwest of Hama

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian Army liberated Wadi Hasmin and gained more grounds in Jaish Al Izzah territory on northwest of Hama!

29 July 2019
Latest Updates on Northwest of Hama, 29 July 2019

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian Army liberated villages Al Jubain and Tal Malah in northwest of Hama.

28 July 2019
Syrian Army liberated Tal Malah in northwest of Hama.
27 July 2019
Erdogan Threatens! Turkey Operation in Eastern Euphrates?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday at an AKP meeting in Ankara that Turkey is determined to launch an operation against Kurdish militants in northeast Syria regardless of the outcome of ongoing talks with the United States.