26 July 2019
US. to Build a New Base in North of Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: According to local sources, US forces are building a new military base and a runway in south of Darbasiyah near border of Turkey.

25 July 2019
Kill Them All !!!
25 July 2019
Militant Shelling on Aleppo City Has Increased, Two Children Were Killed

ISWNews Analysis Group: Last night, the terrorists attacked the city of Aleppo for several consecutive days in the last week killing two children and two women and wounding many others.

24 July 2019
Israeli Missile Attack on Southern Syria

ISWNews Analysis Group: Last night at around 01:30, Israeli regime targeted the strategic height of Tal Harrah in the western countryside of Daraa with several Spike missiles.

19 July 2019
Video: Russian Warpalnes Eliminate Terrorists in Northern Hama

According to Abkhazian Network News Agency ANNA, on July 18, terrorist groups were preparing a powerful offensive against the positions of government troops in Qassabiyah, northern Hama. Militants threw ammunition and reinforcements to the front line and they wanted to start attack with powerful shelling of makeshift missiles “Elephant”. But the preparations of the terrorists were observed from the air, and airstrikes were launched against them.

15 July 2019
ISIS Oil Minister Killed!

ISWNews Analysis Group: Thabit Sobhi Fahad Al Ahmad, the Islamic State oil minister was killed in the Al Sour area in Deir Ezzor province by the Syrian Democratic Forces.

12 July 2019
Map: Syrian Army Recapture Tal Hamamiat, Hama

ISWNews Analysis Group: Syrian Army recaptured the important hill of Tal Hamamiat in the northwest of Hama province after 24hours of heavy clashes from militants.

11 July 2019
Map: Militant Advances in Northern Hama

ISWNews Analysis Group: On Wednesday, the various groups of militants have launched a massive attacks against Syrian Army positions on Hamamiat fronts and could capture this village and its strategic hill.

09 July 2019
Map: Latest Updates on Northern Latakia

ISWNews Analysis Group: This morning, terrorists operation room “Wa Hared al Momenin” launched an operation titled “Faida Dakhaltumoohu Fainnakum Ghaliboun” in Turkman mountain against Syrian Army positions.

06 July 2019
Image: Destroyed Warehouse by Israeli Regime in the West of Homs

Israeli satellite ImageSat Intl released a new aerial image of the Israeli missile attack in western Homs.

02 July 2019
Russians Worrying About Israel’s Missile Attacks to Syria; Where Are Syrian S300s?

Russian Foreign Ministry: Russia is concern about Israel’s attacks to Syria and believes these attacks are a threat for stability of the region.

02 July 2019
Airstrikes on Militants Positions in Northwest Syria

Today, the Russian and Syrian warplanes carried out several air raids on militants positions in Al-Ghab plain area and southern Idlib countryside.