15 June 2019
Syrian Army Operation in Northwest of Hama

ISWNews Analysis Group: This morning the Syrian army has started a new round of attacks to retrieve Jubain and Tal Malah in the northwest of Hama, but the attacks have failed so far.

13 June 2019
No ceasefire!

In despite of the ceasefire claimed by the parties in northern Hama and southern Idlib last night, bombings, clashes and battles continue between the Syrian Army and Militants. So there is no ceasefire!

12 June 2019
Who Is the Winner in the Northwest of Hama Battles?

To better understand the reality of recent events in northwest of Hama, and to better understand the media propaganda, take a look at the map above.

12 June 2019
Images: Presence of the Uzbek group “Al Tawhid wal Jihad” in the battles of Northwest of Hama

Katibat al Tawhid wal Jihad was created by a Kyrgyz terrorist Sirajiddin Mukhtarov known as Abu Salah in 2013 in northern Syria.

12 June 2019
Latest military Situation in northwest Hama

Tal Malah and Jubain is still in the hands of militants, and there is no particular change in military map of the area.

07 June 2019
Map: Latest military situation in northwest Hama

According to latest information, heavy engagements between Syrian Army and militants continue in areas of Jubain and Tal Malah.

07 June 2019
Militants Casualties in Northwestern Hama

Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria: 140 terrorists killed during yesterday and Today’s attacks to the Syrian Army positions.

07 June 2019
Video: HTS Attacks to Jubain, Northwest of Hama

Heavy clashes continue in vicinity of Jubain and Tal Malah.

07 June 2019
Latest Military Situation in Northwest Hama; Map

ISWNews Analysis Group: From Thursday evening, different militia groups launched a new offensive in northwest of Hama against Syrian Army’s positions and in early hours of the operation could capture villages Jubain, Tal Malah and Kafr Houd.

04 June 2019
Naked Terrorism in Syria! Jaish al Izza

Interesting point is that Jaish al Izza forces are not concealing their relationship with al Qaeda and al Qaeda patches (ISIS uses too) are seen on their arms…

04 June 2019
ISIS returned to Daraa!

ISIS media released a statement announcing the targeting of a Syrian Army vehicle along the path between the Namer and Kharbat Ghazalah.

04 June 2019
What did Israeli warplanes target at T4 airbase?

ISWNews Analysis Group: The Israeli satellite company “ImageSat Intl” has released an image of the Tiyas(T4) airbase after the Israeli missile attack.