13 March 2018
Turkey’s Erdogan mobilizing China’s Muslims for jihadist campaign + Clip

Turkey’s ill-advised war in Syria’s Afrin enclave has further exposed how the Islamist regime of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his nationalist partners are mobilizing China’s Muslims, especially the Uyghurs, for their proxy battles to advance political and religious goals.

12 March 2018
Latest Updates on “Operation Olive Branch”, 12 March 2018 + Latest Map of Fronts in Afrin

Afrin near fall …

03 March 2018
“Everyone knows that the Turks do not leave easily from where they entered”

One of the best experts on the region, the Turkish journalist Fehim Taştekin gave me for Slate.fr a long interview on the Kurdish issue while Ankara has been launching an operation on Afrin in Syria.

05 February 2018
Turkey-backed forces captured border village of Sorke(Tal Koshur) in Rajo region west of Afrin
02 February 2018
Report on fourteenth day of the Operation Olive Branch; 2 February 2018

Three “olive branches” present to a girl from Afrin; another anti-Islamic anti-humane by militia supported by Turkey in Afrin.

31 January 2018
Latest News on Twelfth Day of Operation Olive Branch; 31 January 2018

A dead in Sochi summit, Syrian splendid welcome to Turkish military convoy, continuation of Erdogan’s iron fist

30 January 2018
Turkish military convoy waiting for Syria’s permission; Russia’s pressure on Moghawemat

Turkish military convoy is still in the West of Aleppo and Idlib governorates and still waiting for Syrian government permission to enter south of Aleppo and Al Eis.

30 January 2018
Turkish Military Convoy Stops in Kafr Halab; Heavy Fire in the Area by Syrian and Russian Armies.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: With incisive warning of Syrian and Russian Armies to Turkish convoy, Turkish advance is stopped at least for tonight!

30 January 2018
News on Operation Olive Branch tenth day; 29 January 2018

According to official report of Turkish Army in 28 January, 27 fighters participate in bombing different points in Afrin. According to this report until the end of 28 January, 597 “terrorists” are killed.

28 January 2018
Report on eighth day of “Operation Olive Branch”, January 27, 2018

According to Turkish Army official declaration, during the first week of Operation Olive Branch 340 targets are destroyed in Afrin by Turkish Airforce.

25 January 2018
Report on fifth day of “Operation Olive Branch”, January 24, 2018

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports: Behcet Ebdo, commander of YPG forces in Afrin, only an hour after Al Mayadeen TV announces that YPG and Syrian Army agree that Syrian troops enter Afrin, denies this news entirely.

24 January 2018
Report on “Operation Olive Branch”, January 23, 2018

Islamic World News Analysis Group reports: In the fourth day of Turkish and FSA operation in Afrin, today YPG Kurdish troops could effectively challenge Turkish front.