08 September 2019
Joint Patrol in Northeastern Syria

The military of Turkey and the United States began a joint ground patrol based on the “Safe Zone” plan in northeastern Syria.

16 August 2019
Desire to Have a Safe Zone in North of Syria, May be a Wishful Thinking!

Details of the agreement on “Safe Zone” in north of Syria

14 August 2019
Trilateral Summit Between Russia, Turkey, Iran in Ankara

ISWNews Analysis Group: Yesterday Kremlin stated that there will be a summit between Iran-Russia-Turkey about Syria next month held in Turkey.

13 August 2019
Turkish Activities in Idlib and Heavy Clashes in Southern Idlib

ISWNews Analysis Group: A Turkish military convoy accompanied by militants visited Tal Tuqan, Surman and Morek areas in the Idlib province.

08 August 2019
Turkey and US agree on establishing safe zone in northern Syria

After Erdogan boasting about east of Euphrates and announcing the operation and informing Russia and US about it, now there are news that Turkey and US reached an agreement to form a Safe Zone in north of Syria.

05 August 2019
Erdogan: “We will conduct a military operation east of the Euphrates”

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkish President, recently stated about north of Syria that Turkey has made the decision to attack east of Euphrates and USA and Russia have been informed.

27 July 2019
Erdogan Threatens! Turkey Operation in Eastern Euphrates?

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Friday at an AKP meeting in Ankara that Turkey is determined to launch an operation against Kurdish militants in northeast Syria regardless of the outcome of ongoing talks with the United States.

24 July 2019
Video: The moment that Deputy of Turkish Consulate in Erbil was killed by 3 gunmen.

Few days ago, 3 gunmen killed the deputy of Turkish consulate in a restaurant in Erbil city, the city of Erbil is under control of the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

17 July 2019
Turkey’s deputy consul general shot dead in Iraqi Kurdistan; Erdoğan vowed to retaliate.

While various sources claimed different numbers of killed people but the official sources confirmed that Turkey’s deputy consul general has been killed until now.

14 July 2019
Turkey launched counter-terror Operation “Claw-2” in northern Iraq

ISWNews Analysis Group: A new operation named Claw-2 against PKK is launched on Friday at 10 pm (local time), Turkey’s Ministry of National Defense said.

01 July 2019
Will Turkey be Involved More in Libya’s War?

ISWNews Analysis Group: Tensions rises after Turkey’s threats and six Turkish citizens were arrested in Libya by Haftar’s forces.

30 June 2019
The Identities of Turkish Military Team in Tripoli Revealed!

The website AlMarsad revealed the identity of Turkey Army drone team which is working in Tripoli according to information obtained from a senior Libyan Army security official(Haftar’s forces).