11 December 2018
SDF Took Control of Hajin Hospital

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Last night Syrian Democratic Forces could reclaim Hajin hospital by advancing inside the town.

09 December 2018
Afghanistan Deadliest Country Around the Globe

According to the latest Global Terrorism Index, Afghanistan has overtaken Iraq to become the world’s deadliest country for terrorism.

07 December 2018
US Proposed Resolution Condemning Palestine in General Assembly did not Receive Enough Votes

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Yesterday US resolution condemning Hamas and other Palestinian Resistance groups was up to voting in UN general assembly which did not receive enough positive votes and rejected.

07 December 2018
Satellite Images from Hajin Area and Heavy Presence of US Birds Over the Hajin

New satellite images of Hajin released showing different US attacking and surveillance airplanes flying over the region.

07 December 2018
Destroying a ISIS convoy in southern deserts of Palmyra

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Following the Syrian Army operation for hunting ISIS terrorists in Syrian deserts, a small ISIS convoy were neutralized in southern deserts of Palmyra.

06 December 2018
Ireland banning products from Israeli settlements

On Wednesday, the upper house of Ireland parliament passed a bill to ban importing or selling goods produced in Israeli settlements.

06 December 2018
Israeli Operation “Northern Shield” in Northern Border of Palestine

Islamic World News Analysis Group: From two days ago Israeli Regime started an operation to discover so called Hezbollah attack tunnels in northern border of occupied Palestine.

05 December 2018
Qassem Soleimani Meeting with Iraqi Sunni Scholars

Islamic World News Analysis Group: General Gassem Soleimani, commander of Quds corp of Islamic Revolution Guard Corps along with Abu Mahdi Al Muhandis, vice president of Iraqi Hashad Sha’abi met with Mahdi Al Samida’i, Iraqi Sunni Scholar.

05 December 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 4th December 2018; Did Ansar Allah Kill US Navy Admiral in Western Asia?
04 December 2018
NATO: We will not leave Afghanistan!

Secretary of NATO stated on 3th December that NATO military forces will not leave Afghanistan in future.

03 December 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 3 December 2018; AnsarAllah Declining Coalition’s Preconditions for Negotiation

Yemeni Army spokesperson census about situation of different fronts; Engagements between AnsarAllah and Coalition in battles of Dhale’, Baydha and Sa’adah provinces.

03 December 2018
Turkey and US carry out the 2nd round of joint training for Manbij patrols

Turkish and U.S. troops carried out the second round of trainings for combined patrols in Manbij, as part of a Manbij “road map” deal.