23 November 2018
Latest Updates on Afghanistan 22 November 2018

290 thousand people in Afghanistan war are homeless in one year according to UN report.

22 November 2018
Collection of U.S. UAVs in possession of Iran

Commander of Aerospace Force of the IRGC revealed for the first time that the IRGC had captured the US MQ-9 UAV and now Iran possess a wide range of most valuable UAVs in the world.

20 November 2018
Big Explosion in Kabul Killed More Than 50 People

Today afternoon, more than 50 people were martyred at the Uranus Hotel in Kabul following a terrorist blast at the Prophet Muhammad’s birthday celebration.

20 November 2018
Glorious images of the celebration of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday in Sana’a and the massive presence of the people

Today, thousands of Yemeni people gathered in Sanaa on the occasion of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) birthday and celebrated this great day.

19 November 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 19 November 2018; Frontlines Situation

Latest news from Yemeni fronts and important statement by Mohammad Ali al-Houthi on conditional suspension of Ansarullah missile and drone attacks

18 November 2018
Decisive UN Resolution Vote Condemning Israel Occupying Golan Heights

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Friday UN resolution voted supporting Syrian authority over Golan heights in which only Israel and USA voted against.

16 November 2018
AnsarAllah: Saudi attacks have been stopped with the aim of gaining time and preparation

The cessation of Saudi attacks on al Hudaydah in the west of the country is not aimed to reduce the pressure of public opinion in the world or to send humanitarian aid, but to take time and preparation for a new round of attacks.

15 November 2018
Video | AnsarAllah Ambush Against Saudi-led Coalition Forces at 16km (Nana square)
15 November 2018
A More Accurate Glance at Frontlines inside al Hudaydah and Coalition Media Lie about Advances + Map

Investigating three main axes of Hudaydah battlefields; Eastern, Southern and Northern axes.

15 November 2018
Latest Updates on Yemen 14 November 2018; Latest Updates on Frontlines

Photos showing Saudi Coalition casualties in Nate’, Baydha province.

14 November 2018
Syrian President Meet Suweida Captives

Yesterday, Bashar Assad met with a group of Suweida captives who were recently freed from ISIS.

14 November 2018
Cease-fire in Gaza and Claim of Victory over Israel by Moghawemat

Islamic World News Analysis Group: In two days of battle and Israel experiencing heavy casualties, they announced cease-fire.