19 January 2019
Satellite Images of Israeli Warplanes Strikes on a Warehouse in Damascus Airport

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Recently Israeli Corporation “ImageSat Intl” released images of the location hit by Israeli missiles which is an ammunition warehouse, it is said it was Iranian.

19 January 2019
Security Operation in the Najaf Desert

On Friday, the second brigade of Hashd al-Sha’bi and the Iraqi security forces launched a preventive security operation in the Najaf desert.

18 January 2019
Latest Updates on Yemen 18 January 2019; Fighting with Wealth and Life

Latest updates on Sweden agreement implementation and Ansar Allah drone attacks in north of Yemen

18 January 2019
Abu Mohammad al-Julani, Leader of Tahrir al-Sham Terrorists, Supports Turkish Operation Against Kurds in East of Euphrates

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Abu Mohammad al-Julani, leader of Tahrir al-Sham during an interview showed his support of possible Turkish operation against Kurds in east of Euphrates.

17 January 2019
Press TV Anchor Arrested After Flying Into the US!

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Marzieh Hashemi, a US citizen born as Melanie Franklin was arrested at St Louis airport on Sunday and transferred by FBI agents to a detention center in Washington DC.

14 January 2019
Latest Updates on Yemen 13 January 2019, Intensification of Ansar Allah Drone attacks

Latest news from Yemen fronts

13 January 2019
IDF Declares End of “Operation Northern Shield” in Northern Occupied Lands

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Sunday, the IDF announced the end of Operation Northern Shield after it discovered 6 claimed tunnels in northern Palestine.

12 January 2019
Latest Updates on Yemen, 11 January 2019; Engagements Intensified

Images showing Mohammad Ali al-Houthi at Ansar Allah drill and training camp site.

10 January 2019
Map | Military Situation in Northwest of Saadah, Baqem Front; 10 January 2019

Baqem axis in northwest of Saadah province during recent months and weeks was field for numerous and sometimes heavy engagements between AnsarAllah and Saudi Coalition.

10 January 2019
Ansar Allah Drone Attack on the Headquarters of the Coalition Forces in Southern Yemen + Video

Islamic World News Analysis Group: AnsarAllah’s today morning drone attack to Al Anad airbase in Lahij, south of Yemen, killed seven and wounded 16. Among casualties are some of Mansoor Hadi’s Army commanders.

09 January 2019
Map | Latest Military Situation in Hajin Pocket East of Euphrates, 9 January 2019

Islamic World News Analysis Group: After several days of heavy engagement between ISIS and SDF in southern parts of Al Sha’fah, ISIS terrorists retreated from Al Sha’fah.

09 January 2019
Tahrir Al Sham Advances in Southern Idlib

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Tuesday, Tahrir Al Sham militants entered more residential areas in southwest of Idlib province after withdrawal of Ahrar Al Sham from the area.