16 May 2018
The Latest News of Militants Evacuation from Northern Homs 16 May 2018; Syrian Flag Raised in al-Rastan and Talbisah.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: With the arrival of the Syrian Army and police units to the northeast of Homs & southeast of Hama, the Syrian flag was raised in this region

15 May 2018
Latest Updates On Yemen 14 May 2018; Al-Haymah has fallen & the Announcement of Yemen on Recent Events of Palestine

A Badr-1 missile launched towards “ARAMCO” oil company in Jizan ; The Supreme Political Council of Yemen’s announcement summary

15 May 2018
The Black Monday, Gaza Drowns in Blood; Transferring the US Embassy to Quds

Islamic World News Analysis Group: At the 70th anniversary of the occupation of Palestine, the U.S. government in a completely provocative act moved its embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem after 70 years.

15 May 2018
Farah Province on the Verge of a Complete Fall !

Islamic World News Analysis Group: Farah city, the capital of Farah province in western Afghanistan and near the Iran-Afghanistan broder, is on the brink of a fall by the Taliban.

14 May 2018
Latest Military Situation in Eastern Syria 14 May 2018; SDF Advances Against ISIS With Help of Iraqi Forces.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: SDF forces with the help of Iraqi forces managed to capture the village of Baghuz at the north of the Al-Qaim-Bukmal border crossing.

14 May 2018
Latest Updates on the “Great March of Return” in occupied Palestine from Today Morning until Now

The “Great March of Return” protests takes place every year by Palestinians in the whole occupied lands and in western bank of Jordan river and Gaza strip on March 30 to May 15, occupation date of Palestine in 70 years ago.

14 May 2018
The Martyrdom of Jamal ‘Affanah from Rafah Who Was Wounded by Israeli Fire in Friday.

Islamic World News Analysis Group: The Palestinian Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip announced the death of Jamal Abdul Rahman Al Afana (15 years), who was wounded by Israeli fire Friday during his participation in the “Great March of Return” to the east of Rafah Governorate in the southern Gaza Strip.

14 May 2018
Unofficial Result of Parliamentary Election in Iraq in 10 Provinces; Photo + Vote List

Islamic World News Analysis Group: While there are sporadic objections about fraud and changing the results of voting, independent election commission of Iraq announced unofficial final results in most of provinces as follows:

14 May 2018
Parliamentary Election in Iraq after Defeat of ISIS

According to supreme commission of election of Iraq, near seven thousand candidates are competing for 328 seats in Iraq’s Parliament and eligible voters are 24 million and 349 thousand and 357 persons.

13 May 2018
The Latest News of Militants Evacuation from Northern Homs (al-Rastan pocket) 13 May 2018

Islamic World News Analysis Group: With the implementation of the fourth phase of the militants evacuation from northern Homs, about 13,700 militants and their families were evacuated.

13 May 2018
The Fifth Protest of “Great March of Return” in Palestine; Two Palestinians Were Martyred

Islamic World News Analysis Group: On Friday, the seventh Palestinian rallies were held against the Zionist occupation with the presence of thousands of people from the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

13 May 2018
Iraqi Forces Arrested Five Major ISIS Commanders in Syria; Images and Names

Islamic World News Analysis Group: A major operation against ISIS terrorists in Syria was successfully carried out, in which five of the most important ISIS commanders were arrested.