29 August 2017
Recently Visited Lebanon: Shia Hezbollah, the Sunni PM Hariri, and the Christian President Aoun Are All Part of the Fabric of Lebanese Society

By Muhammad Ali Carter
Robert Carter is an English journalist and political commentator based in London, UK. Robert, who also goes by his Muslim name, Muhammad Ali Carter, specialises on Middle Eastern culture, politics and history as well as the current affairs of the global Muslim world.

28 August 2017
Iraqi Forces Liberate Two Villages East Of Tal Afar

Following the liberation of Tal Afar city, Iraqi forces liberated the villages of Mazra’a and Abu Maraia on the Mosul-Tal Afar road

27 August 2017
Images from the ISIL camera before the attack on resistance positions in Iraq-Syria border & observation with Iranian drone

This footage contains pictures that gained from the ISIS Camera before the attack & ISIS observation with Iranian drone

26 August 2017
Great Advances by Iraqi Forces in right side of TalAfar

Today, Iraqi forces cleansed the major part of TalAfar.

26 August 2017
Last Military Situation In Tal Afar In Northern Iraq, operation results till now

Iraqi forces have advanced inside the city of Tal Afar and captured more than 50 percent of the city from ISIS terrorists.

26 August 2017
ISIS Lost Last Chance To Regain Initiative In Central Syria

The first attack took place in the area southwest of Ithria where a synchronized attack from both ISIS and HTS militants against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) took place.

26 August 2017
Last Military Situation in West Qalamoun , 6th & 7th day results

In 6th &7th days of operation in western Qalamoun,more than 90% Joroud al-Birij liberated

24 August 2017
Afghanistan: Taliban Captures Zane Khan

Last night , the Taliban seized the Zane Khan county in Afghanistan’s Ghazni province following a series of clashes with government forces.

24 August 2017
Saudi-led coalition has committed another crime, 48 people were martyred by targeting a hotel.

According to the news and analytics outlet of “Islamic World News” Saudi-led coalition killed 48 people on Wednesday morning by targeting the Lukandeh hotel in the northern province of Sana’a, Arhab district.

23 August 2017
Leaked UN Report: Saudi-led Coalition Is Responsible For Over Half Of Child Deaths In Yemen

The Saudi-led coalition – which receives logistical support, weapons and political backing from the US and UK – has been responsible for killing of hundreds of children in Yemen, according to a leaked UN report.

23 August 2017
The residents of the two besieged towns of Fu’ah and Kafraya held their protest rally for the forty-second day.

Groups of Inhabitants of Fu’ah and Kafraya continue protesting.
Don’t forget Fu’ah and Kafraya…

23 August 2017
Israeli mining tycoon arrested for fraud in Macedonia, Kosovo

Billionaire Benjamin Steinmetz, the owner of two iron and gold mining companies in the Balkans, particularly Mecedonia and Kosovo, who is wanted by anti-fraud prosecutors in Romania, has been arrested.